What’s Pumping up Fitness Routines for 2018?

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Nov 21 2017 - 4 min read
What’s Pumping up Fitness Routines for 2018?
The fitness industry is welcoming new trends and the existing ones with a twist for year 2018.

It’s time for something new to enter the fitness market. With all the latest updates we are getting about new trends or variations in the existing trends going to make trends in the coming year, it seems like 2018 is going to be a fit year for all. 2017 has been an active year for fitness enthusiasts as they’ve got a lot of new activities to get fit by. As we move towards 2018, here is a list of some new fitness trends that are going to be a part of the year ahead of us.

We all know about HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training has been a part of most of the year 2017. People have loved the high on intensity workout a lot and the results it provides have been fabulous. Now, it’s time for its counterpart- LIIT. Low-Intensity Interval Training provides the same benefits but, as the name suggests, is low in intensity. Though the workout is going to burn the same amount of calories but will take max to 30-40 minutes extra.

Virtual Reality Workouts
Virtual reality workouts are becoming a reality. We all have indulged in video games with an added factor of virtual reality and now the trend is shifting to the fitness industry. Experiencing the best in fitness without leaving your room seems like a great idea to have virtual reality workouts.

Recovery Techniques in Fitness
While fitness enthusiasts work hard and concentrate on getting fitter, it is also their muscles and other parts they need to provide some care and attention to. Various recovery techniques like cryotherapy and infrared saunas are making their way into the fitness industry as the potential ways to relax the muscles and other exhausted body parts as a result of extensive training.

Functional Fitness
While consumers have had a taste of functional fitness in 2017, it is going to grow big in 2018. Functional fitness is the term that best describes the workout that provides strength to do everyday work. These workouts let you train yourself for the everyday chores and tasks that require your actual strength. It improves coordination, balance endurance and many other things in the body, leading you to lead a healthy life.

Group Personal Training
While we’ve had, group training and personal training, group personal training is something of a evolution of these existing trends. This variation will help many fitness lovers work together, save a lot of money and get a one-on-one experience with the trainer, all in a single package. The idea seems to be very cost effective as well as fun from a fitness perspective.

Expert Speak
Every time a family acquires a gadget, they put on 8 Kgs of weight. A lot of this is happening because of a faulty lifestyle. People are inactive and not able to achieve fitness because there is lack of awareness. Most people between the ages of 25-35 are moving because they want to look good while the people above the age of 36 are doing it for their health, says Rohan Vyavaharkar, Deputy Managing Director, Stepathlon Lifestyle Ltd.

Over the years, the wearable technology market has boomed to a large scale. Technology has become compact, smarter and easily synced to everything, wearing it has now become a necessary part of our lifestyle. From the Casio watches of yesteryear with its exciting waterproof and stopwatch features to wearable technology, that monitors our Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Sleeping patterns and Steps, to future technologies such as chip implants, we are looking at some interesting and exciting developments. The technological assistance has further aided people to monitor their fitness activity and understands the required and potential benchmarks. For e.g., for a person to stay healthy and fit, a minimum 10 km walk is essential. With help of technology, individuals can track how far or near they are towards the basic protocol. Wearable technology allows individuals who don't engage in any physical activities to track their bodily activities, encouraging them to work out and live a healthier life. It also allows Elite athletes to monitor and get a minute on minute feedback assisting them to perform better. Just as a side note, as long as the focus is on exercise and not on the technology, we can hope to get the true essence of exercise, which is to go within, says Prameet Kotak, Holistic Wellness Expert and Fitness Instructor.

While we are moving with the times, it is important to note that there never was a dearth of ideas in the fitness industry. It just takes the right attitude and approach towards our body to pick the best fitness activity for ourselves. While the fitness industry is not staying behind in bringing the best forward, it is the need for people to wake up and get going with their fit sides.

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