Upgrade your fitness quotient with these 7 fitness trends

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 20 2018 - 4 min read
Upgrade your fitness quotient with these 7 fitness trends
If 2017 was dedicated to number of disruptions in the industry, 2018 will be dedicated to the enhancement in terms of new trends. Here are 7 lucrative fitness trends to watch out for this year.

The New Range Of Appeal To Fitness:
Fitness is more than a routine and there are numbers that support it all. If the fitness industry docks a total of $3.7% trillion a year, then at least 10.6 % of the recorded income came from the alternate fitness route. It is expected to grow 17% in the coming five years.

Here are few of the fitness trends that are destined to grow this year:

Boutique Boxing
While it has been around for quite some time, people around the world are rediscovering their love for the lost art. Everyone, from celebs to models as well as amateur athletes are shuffling around with Box Union, Everybody Fights and Rumble in great numbers. When hitting a gym becomes troublesome, then availing home friendly programmes like Daily Burn’s Undefeated Kickboxing Program becomes a better option to maintain or improve the fitness level. While it pains the tender heart of many, but hitting the sandbag with all your force becomes the best way to release all your stress, making your workout far more engaging and fun.

Functional Training 2.0
There is nothing new about functional training. It is the ideal workout that puts greater focus on enhancing strength of your body inside-out. Functional training intensifies the day to day activities, like lifting, bending, twisting, pushing, and pulling. It ensures that you live a very healthy life that is both active as well as injury-free. Barbells are an essential part of functional training that employs the use of plyometric training, resistance bands and medicine balls.

Revved-Up Recovery
In the last decade, workout brands like HIIT, CrossFit, etc. have dialled up the intensity of the level of work out regimes. But the year, 2018 is all about taking it slow. This year instead of killing yourself with intense workouts all around the week, one would witness the power of intelligent workout. Intensity workouts are all about improving your performance level. But, this way a human body gets hurt immensely and slow workout of your body would give it a chance to recover as well.

Blowing Cold
While many believe that heat provides instant healing, the fact is that cooling heals your muscles much faster.  With the practice of cryotherapy in between a session, sweat speeds up the process of your muscle recovery by reducing the inflammation of your muscles and by constricting the blood vessels to provide you relief. Proponents of cryotherapy continue to gain popularity for its miracle work in post-workout recovery.

3D Exercise
Having a simple workout regime that is both basic and one-dimensional would not earn any favour from the masses this year. This year spin studios leveraging virtual reality and yoga studios with sound baths are very much in. Change and experimentation are quite inevitable this year with the instructors taking you on an amazing journey with vivid imagery, lifelike storytelling, inspiring music, and varied tempos, that makes you fit as well as improves your mood.

Mindful Movement
Meditation has been making it big for the past decade, but this year in 2018, it would incorporate HIIT too. Many workout studios have well designed meditation classes before and after their workout sessions. Mindful movement is important for strength training, improving the cognitive function of the brain that ensures mental acuity. All it takes is five minutes before and after the class to make you physically fit and mentally strong.

Breath Work
The age-old practice of Pranayama is making a comeback this year with many meditation classes offering training in the techniques of breathing. All it takes is for you to hold your breath after a deep inhale and then exhale it.

If you are bored by using the age-old techniques to tone down then use any one of the above-mentioned regimes to win back your health.

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