These 6 International fitness trends might just shape the industry

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 01 2018 - 4 min read
These 6 International fitness trends might just shape the industry
Fitness is no longer considered just a routine amid consumers and entrepreneurs. Fitness has become an unstoppable crusade and the industry is earning huge profits. Here are 6 international fitness trends pumping the industry.

The fitness business is more volatile today than before. Individuals, today, prefer more than what the traditional means can offer. Following some of the out of the box international fitness trends, you can improve your level of physical prowess but also come forth as means to keep a check on your health.

Ready to get inspired by the trending concepts of the west
Fitness industry of India is currently accumulating revenue of Rs 4,500 crore and is growing at 16%-18% and is expected to cross the range of Rs 7,000 crores. It is a popular fact that trends come and go but some stay on for a longer duration of time.

Here are a few trends that the Indian fitness market is indulging into

The Wearables
This is the one instance where technology merges with fitness. Wearables as fitness trackers are perfect to track an individual's progress. The wearable industry is currently soaring high in the Indian markets due to its availability in the market and the use of advanced technology. Calculating your weight and the heart rate becomes extremely easy a job with the wearables. Brands like Pavlok also monitor the information of the user and emit mild shocks if they fail to achieve their daily goal.

Fitness enthusiasts who are in a hurry to change their physical appearance should opt for HIIT as it offers more reliability to deliver better results than any other mediums of fitness workout. The great pace helps one achieve great results with 20 minutes of workout. With these many benefits to offer in much less time, the fitness market of India is also indulging in it.

Circuit Training
Circuit training is somewhat quite similar to HIIT but not that much intense an exercise regime. It involves a routine of 10 exercises that should be done one after the other and repeated yet again. Individuals who have failed to match up with the intensity of HIIT can give circuit training a try as it is far less intimidating. This trend from overseas is slowly but surely catching the fancy of the fitness fanatics and beginners in India, alike.

Group Training
Personal training is more focused on the individual training that is a good way to get rid all the excess weight under the rightful guidance of a personal trainer. But it is the most boring way to get back in shape. Group training is a great option for one who needs to get fit but does not want to spend too much. Group training is fun as there is nothing better to have a partner to lose it with. After the international markets, this trend is fast gaining approval among the fitness crowd in India.

Functional Fitness
While today it is the dream of attaining a well-sculpted muscular body, but in doing so all they accumulate is muscle weight. The fitness experts of the international market share the same sentiment and hence put more focus on functional fitness that can strengthen the very core of an individual’s body by working on the endurance, force, power, and coordination by enhancing the ability of one to perform their daily activities.

Body weight training
Though many believe that bodyweight training is all about using dumbbells or other weight lifting equipment, but it is much more than that. True weight training exercises do not entail the need for any equipment whatsoever. The exercises of body weight training are ideal for people who want to maintain their physical fitness. In bodyweight training exercises can be done just about anywhere. They are useful in shaping your physique, toning muscles, losing the weight, etc.

The international fitness market is filled with new techniques and concepts that are meant to improve your health. Various workouts that are being tried abroad are liked by many. With incorporating a few ideas from the fitness range from overseas to gyms of India, it would not only help them cash in on the profit, but also make India healthier. 

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