We are currently working on physically stocking our products in high-end stores: SkinYoga Co-founder

Niharika Verma
Niharika Verma Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
We are currently working on physically stocking our products in high-end stores: SkinYoga Co-founder
Started operations in US & Australia, Ahmedabad-based startup SkinYoga was established in 2013 by three sisters, who found a big gap in demand and supply of high quality natural ingredients based products. Here is the saga of a home grown brand.

Brainchild of sister trio Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika Choudhary, SkinYoga is a natural products brand established in 2013. Aiming to tap individuals across the globe to experience purity and luxury in its minutest form, the brand aim to create products inspired from ancient times, adopted in modern lifestyle. It has been formed to create solutions for people who want to embrace a yogic lifestyle.

The Ahmedabad-based startup claims to procured every ingredient in the SkinYoga portfolio from its place of origin where nature plays a pivotal role in producing them, barring pesticide and artificial hormones used to grow the plant.

The products are completely dry helps in keeping all ingredients active for longerduration. This ensures the ingredients activate when one is ready to use, all they need to do is mix them with water.

Started operations in overseas market, first in US, Europe and Australia, WI Bureau brings you latest updates about the brand from Jagriti Choudhary, one of the Co-founders of the SkinYoga. Edited excerpt:


About the brand

Since we grew up in a farm and lead a raw and organic lifestyle, picking natural remedies was the easiest for us. Initially it was more of a personal need that took us to look for a luxurious high quality yet 100 per cent natural product in the market. It was highly shocking that we couldn’t find anything like that even in international markets or best shops abroad, that’s when we decided to come up with this idea. Having lived in different geographies, we agreed to the fact that a business in natural products was bound to flourish. Closely interacting with people from across the globe gave us confidence that we could market this product in overseas market as well.

Challenges faced

Like I mentioned earlier, there is nothing like this in the market that caters to high quality effective natural skincare product. Since it was developed for the international market the standard and quality maintained is way difficult as our main focus is to bring to our costumers the very best from across the globe.

Strategy & USP

Quality has become signature to our brand. That’s our USP and always has been our main focus. The rare ingredients we use are also very unique in each of our products. We must say we are very proud of the range and formulations of our product. That’s what makes each of our products highly effective. The glow and flawless results speak for itself.

Bootstrapped venture

Often a lot of people ask about our plans to raise fund from investors and the answer is no. We don’t want any outside investors leading our brand or bringing any changes to our existing ideology, which is to focus on the quality more than making profit. This brand is very personal to us and we didn’t started this to make a highly commercial profit venture. We wanted to create extremely high quality natural products for people who are just not willing to compromise with quality and don’t want to use chemical based products. Investors from outside probably won’t understand or respect this ideology that we sisters work on. They might focus on making more profit margins. At the moment, we are just investing everything back on sourcing the top quality ingredients in the world. The review itself has been highly rewarding.

Offline presence

We are exploring and currently working on physically stocking our products in high-end stores across India. Since, we understand our clientele, we know these are the places they are browsing to meet their requirements. We are very picky about the store location as our product is for niche audience.

Target consumers

As we are a 100 per cent natural brand, our consumers are both male and female. From college going to young mothers or even younger looking 65-year-old may use our products. In fact, our youngest client so far is a 5-year-old. It is so natural and safe to be used by a pregnant or lactating mother, without fearing any side effects. Everyone wants to look after themselves and indulge in natural remedies and that’s what we formulated for you.

Scope and future

There is a massive market for skin care products in India. The country is slowly but surely getting aware of the importance of going natural. Be it food, clothes and even natural skincare, there is huge demand for quality products which give positive results.

That’s what we work really hard to give the most effective luxurious natural skincare products to the consumers as they don’t want to use chemicals and would like to stay away from Parebens and medicated product line.

Changes witnessed in Indian market

The Ayurveda skin care market is growing. There is a massive awareness around natural and organic products everywhere. India is catching up slowly, but surely and from the look of it seems like it’s going to get bigger than ever.

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