Wellness Based Apps- The Future of Wellness industry

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
Wellness Based Apps- The Future of Wellness industry
The wellness industry has evolved every since its inception. Technology has always worked wonders for industries and it is great to see innovative changes in the way the wellness industry works.

Wellness is a need in today’s time. It is something which is desired by all. The industry has been growing and is expected to become a trillion dollar industry in no time. The wellness industry is a multi dimensional industry and each of it dimension is achieving success due to the rising need to attain wellness. Wellness based apps are the result of merging technology with wellness industry for the good of it. With various brands venturing into the wellness based apps industry, the choices consumers are getting is increasing providing them with a long list of apps to choose from.

The Wellness Market
With innumerable opportunities, the wellness industry is filled with trends and there is always something new to look up to. The wellness industry is expected to achieve being a trillion dollar industry in the coming years and we can already see the scope it holds in it for the companies existing in it as well as the new ones venturing into it. The global wellness based apps market which covers all the other sub-industries in it like beauty, health and fitness is expected to touch USD 612 Billion by 2024 according to a report published by Grand View Research Inc. Various reasons like the rise in demand for wellness products has also pushed the growth rates to soar high in the wellness based apps market.

The Concept
Wellness based apps have been catching the attention of the consumers starting some time back. The trend of staying healthy and well by being connected with technology and apps have hit a good note with the consumers. Wellness based apps cover the involvement of technology in fitness, beauty and health market by providing apps to consumers to keep a track of their lifestyle. Wellness based apps are applications which cater to the needs of the consumers in the health, beauty and fitness. The services are provided on mobiles, PCs and other communication devices. These apps promote the idea of digital health and also provide a level of convenience to the consumers.

The Supporting Factors
Technology has helped the wellness market to rise and make it available digitally. Wellness based apps in all the categories have been in high demand due to the rising awareness among the consumers. Many other factors are linked together which has given a boost to the technology driven version of the wellness industry. The healthcare apps market has seen a rise in the success graph due to consumers demanding access to health related information, initiatives taken by the government to uplift the industry etc. the fitness apps market is popular because consumers are able to track and keep a record of their fitness quotient which helps them to perform better. Beauty apps are also preferred by consumers as they provide solutions to beauty related woes and also suggest trends which the consumer might like to try on.

Key players
The market of wellness based apps is full of brands fighting it out for the top position. Every app offers something new and additional than the other app and this has led to the expansion in the apps market. Technology has blessed the industry to look forward to something different every time and brands have seized the opportunity of standing out among other wellness apps in one or other way. Wellness apps in India like MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Fooducate, Fitbit, Beautiful Me and many others provide the consumers with something new and innovative from their side to make the wellness experience of the consumers pleasant.

Expert Speak
“Beauty and health driven apps are the future of today’s generation. With the fast pace lifestyle, not many have the time to give to a fully fledged beauty regime. The apps provide quick tips for those on the go and also easy DIY options that people can do for better skin, health, hair and exercise. The apps provide make up tips, healthy recipe tips, DIY face masks, skin treatments and treatments for hair of different types and textures. With all this available on smart phones, one doesn't need to visit dermatologists or therapists for solutions that the apps can easily help with. They are extremely efficient, informative and useful for health, beauty and lifestyle tips. The apps are definitely the positive change and lead to comfort and help in effortless grooming and looking good”, says Mrs. Jo Gaglani, owner of ReMedi Spa and Beauty Lounge.

It is always said that need is the mother of invention and it holds true to the various new discoveries and additions to the wellness industry. Wellness based apps is a concept which has changed a lot in the game of wellness. There are applications for every industry, be it health, beauty or fitness. Consumers have a wide variety of applications to choose according to their need and this has promoted the growth in the wellness based apps market. 

Image Credit: Total Shape

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