Top Fitness Franchise Ideas for Fitness-Enthusiasts

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Jul 09 2019 - 3 min read
Top Fitness Franchise Ideas for Fitness-Enthusiasts
Big brands in the fitness industry are coming up with new business models via franchising that inculcates the new trends reshaping the fitness industry. Read on...

The fitness industry is evolving with new trends that are taking shape as people become more and more conscious about their fitness. Fitness has become a trend in today’s time. It’s like everybody is running together in the ‘fitness marathon’, trying to compete with others and touch the finish line before anyone else does. The rise in the competitive spirits of people to stay healthy is pushing the fitness industry to surpass the boundaries of traditional fitness practices and come up with something new to help people achieve their body goals.

Big brands in the fitness industry are coming up with new business models via franchising that inculcates the new trends reshaping the fitness industry. Here are some of the fitness franchise ideas that are booming.

Bodybuilding Supplement Franchise

The bodybuilding industry is emerging as a wave among the young lads and the Indian fitness industry and poised to become a billion-dollar industry. Bodybuilding supplement is yet another vertical in the bodybuilding industry as it helps many people in achieving their bodybuilding goals.

A bodybuilding supplements franchise in India requires an investment of Rs15-20 lakhs for the area of 200-250 sq ft. It is a profitable franchise option that ensures better returns in a time period of 1-1.5 years.

Yoga Studios Franchise

A yoga studio is a space where yoga classes and instructions take place. Natural healthcare practices like yoga have emerged as a rage in the past few years and are attracting customers as they ensure the overall health of a person.

With emerging mental health issues all over the world, opening a yoga center promises a great customer base. A well-equipped yoga center franchise doesn’t require a lot of investment: just an investment of Rs 10-15 lakhs for the area of 600-1200 sq ft.

Boutique Fitness Studio

The concept of boutique fitness is one of the newest trends in the fitness industry. Gone are the days when people used to rely upon gym memberships for maintaining their fitness. These days, people are spending money on boutique fitness studios that provide more of a personal training than gyms. By definition, a boutique fitness studio is a small gym (generally between 800-3500 sq ft), which focuses more on community-like group exercise in one or two specific fitness areas. A boutique fitness studio franchise could be started in Rs 25-30 lakhs and one can expect an ROI in 6 months.

Olympic Style Gym

Olympic Style Gym has created a buzz in the fitness sector as it’s a completely fresh concept. As the name suggests, Olympic Style Gym provides Olympic style training to individuals. It offers workouts such as weightlifting, deadlifts, squats, snatch & clean, overhead press and many more, which are more intense than the usual workout regime. This fresh concept allows customers to adopt heavy workout regimes. This helps them to get a body-builder look and is popular among both men and women. Olympic style gym could be started in Rs 2-5 lakhs for 3000-5000 sq ft.


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