Trends that are Pushing the Kickboxing Franchises

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Jul 20 2019 - 2 min read
Trends that are Pushing the Kickboxing Franchises
Kickboxing franchises are emerging more than ever as the machineless trend is taking the fitness industry by storm.

In search of a perfect fitness regime, people often head up to gyms and shed their sweat by lifting weights and running on treadmill until they realise that gyms are not their style and they need something more holistic as a fitness regime. Kickboxing serves as a proper alternative for such ‘gym-conscious’ people and hence are gaining popularity among them.

Kickboxing franchises are emerging more than ever as the machineless trend is taking the fitness industry by storm. Here are some trends that are pushing the growth of kickboxing franchises across the world.

Kickboxing Franchise: A Viable Business Model

With the trend of machine less and group workout regimes, the demand for kickboxing market is burgeoning. With smaller and specialised facilities in a kickboxing fitness center, customers can ensure better results with overall fitness, as a result, kickboxing franchises attract broader range of consumers as compared to the counterparts in the fitness industry. Hence, higher footfall can be expected.

Another reason why it is a viable business model is that it requires lesser investment, fewer employees and is easier to run a kickboxing franchise than other gyms. In India, a kickboxing franchise can be owned in just an investment of Rs 20-30 lakhs for an area of about 500-1000 sq ft.

Kickboxing Franchises Appeal More to Women

Kickboxing creates a sense of empowerment as it is meant to be an aggressive sport. As a matter of fact, being a combative sport, it appeals to most of the women. It generates a sense of empowerment among women; this is the reason why women contribute to the 85% of the customer base. With the increasing threats to women all around the world, women are looking for something that can help them in defending themselves from all the threats. In this way, kickboxing comes to rescue them. This is one of the biggest factors why kickboxing franchises are popular among women. They are increasing in numbers to meet the demands of women around the world.

Latest Techniques Creating Niches in Kickboxing Franchise

The fusion of kickboxing with other fitness regimes (like circuit training) is helping the entrepreneurs to find their niches in the kickboxing business. With such fusions, the industry is broadening its arenas and a lot more franchises are being opened with fresh concepts that attract other target groups too. For instance, for someone who likes to perform circuit training and wants to hands-on kickboxing can opt for a franchising where both of the regimes are amalgamated. It only expands the customer base for kickboxing franchise.

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