How salons have adapted to the New Normal?

Vaishnavi Gupta
Vaishnavi Gupta Aug 11 2020 - 3 min read
How salons have adapted to the New Normal?
Things are finally starting to open up and every industry, service provider has remarkably adapted to this change.

We are more than halfway through the year and after having overused the terms "these are unprecedented times'', a "difficult year" and "this is the new normal", things are finally starting to open up and every industry, the service provider has remarkably adapted to this change! From contactless deliveries to limited and private seating in the restaurants, every industry has proven that it is possible to have a mix of safety and convenience and still maintain a luxurious statement.

One of the leading services, which everyone regardless of their age and gender not just missed but yearned for terribly, was salons! Not restaurants, not clubs but salons.

From getting the needs done to pampering sessions with the gang, it is one such place that brought a whiff of relief when they were allowed to open up but are salons safe to go to? How are they keeping up with their safety measures since it is the one place you can't possibly physically distance?

Read this further and get all your questions answered…

Medically approved gear, Temperature checks and efficient records

Not only for the staff members who include service professionals, cleaners, reception staff, delivery person, but anyone and everyone who walks in the salon, is ensured that their temperature is checked regularly, their record maintained and they are provided with disposable gloves and medically approved gear. The salon staff is required to wear it at all times to ensure that there is no transmission made. Only with up close services like massage are they allowed to loose gloves only.

Disposable towels, knives, sheets

Procuring to the safety concerns we have shifted from reusing fresh towels to one time use disposable products which include towels, sheets, wax knives, coveralls, and overalls. Everyone is given a freshly packed kit according to the service they choose which is properly sanitized every time.

Regular sanitizing stations and cleaning

Sanitizer dispensing machines are available at various points to ensure proper cleaning. Cleaning staff ensures that the floors, work stations, reception tables, waiting area, door handles, commonly touched areas are thoroughly cleaned time and again with efficient disinfectants.

Trained staff and professional

The staff has been trained keeping in mind the safety norms established by the state's health department. They are trained to maintain no touch service, for example instead of the conventional thread eyebrow method that requires to put the thread in the mouth, now the thread goes around the neck. Proper safety gear and N-95 mask it to be worn at all times. Regular sanitizing of hands and tools used before and after performing the service is ensured.

Change in interiors and salon setup

Acrylic sheets are set up generously and with utmost precision to separate work stations. To ensure that proper physical and social distance is maintained, limited appointments are taken for the day and adequate time gaps are kept between them. Salon interiors like furniture and portable lighting are rearranged to ensure maximum distance from the waiting area to the reception. Luxe look is maintained creatively and the salon is the new safe space to ensure you get the grooming and pampering done without you having to compromise on safety and quality.

It is advisable that you make sure that your salon fits in and follows all these above directions. Since a salon is a place where you can't avoid but neglect the physical distance and contact even if you go for a blow-dry, it should not be a forbidden experience for you. The upholding of these measures lies with both the salon and the customers alike. Both are equally responsible and should ensure proper hygiene and set safety standards.


This article is written by Danish Batra, Managing Director, Hair Masters Luxury Salon.

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