These 6 steps can boost sales for your salon business

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 07 2018 - 4 min read
These 6 steps can boost sales for your salon business
With increasing competition amid various sectors and industries, it is very important to adapt innovative ways to increase sales. Here are 6 unique ways how you can boost sales for your salon.

Salon services have been around for a long time taking care of the grooming and other beauty services, all under one roof. The beauty industry commands over 28% of the retail market and a salon supports it in a very big way.  While the traditional methods are still at work and are providing the salon owner with great revenue, there is always room for improvement.

Ways to earn more than what you are currently earning–

Selling Retail in the Reception of the Salon
Putting the professional care products on sale is a very smart idea. Customers of a salon are always looking for ways to make themselves look good at home. While the products available in the market can be considered good, they fall short when compared with the professional grade ones. Rather than standing hours in the queue to get the common product in a supermarket, the image-conscious generation is always prepared to pay a bit extra to get the real deal.

Another great way of selling the product is to provide them with a travel-friendly kit consisting of their favorite skin care or hair care products. Some of these stocks may also be listed as a perfect holiday present if you wrap it in the perfect Christmas package to attract the attention of your loyal customers.

Eying the Right Side to Boost Retail Sales
Have you ever noticed the side of the aisle which most eyes gravitate towards after they enter a shop? It is the right side. This happens pretty unconsciously as most people in the world are right-handed. By putting the bargains or the products of the best retail sellers on the right side of your hair or beauty salon, you have a greater chance of enticing your clients to spend more.

Angling the Focal Point
Creating a focal point at your salon is a great idea. The best place to create the space is on your retail shelves at the eye level of the customers. This way you can generate the interest of the customers on a new product from Lakme, Olay, Maybelline, Lotus, or Revlon by making it the main focal point. This kind of setting encourages multiple purchases of the styling products to increase your revenue greatly.

Keeping Retail Simple
Ensure that your customers would find it easy to locate the product that they are looking for. Do not bamboozle them by displaying different product in different rows and shelves or any other equally disturbing arrangement. Employing individual product signs on shelves and marking the product name, price and size would increase your sales. Often clients feel embarrassed asking the price of the product or a smaller size. This set up would help them get what they so desire without a fuss.

Clean Shop
Do not let the basic housekeeping slip in your salon just because you are busy or currently understaffed. Salons are in particular very dusty places hence, hiring staff to clean the shop on a daily or weekly basis is quite ideal. You can also ask a member of your existing staff to clean every nook and crook of the salon, at least once a week, by offering them extra pay.

The Power of Discount, Packages, and Stock
Offering a little discount on your services would ensure that you collect more currency a year than the rest of the salons in your locality. Discounts, samples, payment terms, service, prizes and free giveaways, etc. play a huge part in making your salon a success. If you feel that by providing your customers with discounts is receding your profit margins, then order and store the necessary products that are of frequent use. A supplier often offers a certain discount for the business owners who are asking for more. This way the loss percent of your profit would be less.

With a little extra effort, a salon owner can boost his/her retail sales making more money than they are at this very moment. By availing the above-mentioned ways, you get to earn a better profit. If you have a highly profitable and unique Salon business, it’s time to let the world know about your brand. Participate in Franchise India Show, India’s first ever Franchise reality show only on Times Now and stand a chance to win prises worth Rs 5.2 Cr. Click here for registration

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