How Ayurveda Industry is benefiting the New Mothers?

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Mar 13 2018 - 4 min read
How Ayurveda Industry is benefiting the New Mothers?
Ayurveda is not just for treating diseases but also beneficial for women who have just stepped into motherhood.

Being a new mother is a very beautiful feeling. The body of a new mother require treatments that are capable of healing her internally and externally. Ayurveda has been a trusted practice for ages. Doctors do suggest using ayurvedic medicines and methods as postnatal care. The Ayurveda industry is growing and coming out with products and services meant for the well being of baby and mother.

Eat to Heal
Ayurvedic foods are in demand for many reasons. They are not only pure and full of health but some foods are really beneficial for new mothers. Postnatal care helps in bringing a balance between the various hormones in the body of a woman after her delivery. Many problems like depression, anxiety, sleep loss, constipation etc arise after the birth of the baby and Ayurveda has great options to choose from in order to tackle such problems. Healthy eating is not only important during pregnancy but also after the delivery as the body wants a lot of nutrition and energy to recover. Ayurveda mainly focusses on foods that are warm, oily as well as fresh at the same time. Many brands have and are also introducing ayurvedic foods and drinks in the market which can help new mothers to heal and recover at a much faster rate.

Massage Treats for Mom and Baby
Warm oil massages are the best for a new mother as her body needs that warmth and goodness. Ayurvedic oils like abhyanga provide a very relaxing and rejuvenating feeling to the body and are the best for postnatal care. New mothers need to be active and massage treats for her as well as the baby, for proper growth, are an important part of the process. The Ayurvedic massages ensure that stored up wastes are moved out of tissues and muscles. Warm massages for babies are also recommendable as it helps in the formation of strong bonds between the baby and parents.

Belly Wrapping
Being a traditional ayurvedic practice, belly wrapping helps in filling the empty spaces in the body. It also ensures that organs are restored back to their appropriate places and saggy skin issues can also be dealt with. Belly wrapping involves wrapping a long piece of cloth around the abdomen area in a smug manner. This ayurvedic treatment helps in bringing back the shape of the belly and treats saggy skin.

Expert Speak
“More people have got aware and more awareness has been created as there are many players in the Ayurveda market right now.  Earlier, there were only a handful of traditional practitioners in the market and the information that used to go through them was also used to reach very less number of people. There are now a lot many corporate and new companies that are entering the Ayurveda sector. A lot of importance is being given to creating awareness about Ayurveda. If we take Soothika, our objective is not only manufacturing and selling but also creating awareness about the need for postnatal care. I think it is a matter of content marketing savvy organisations that are in the Ayurveda market who are creating more awareness. New target audiences are also joining in and becoming a part of this Ayurveda journey. I would like to say that the number of people that come across Ayurveda, maximum number of them become a fan of it as they realise how nature is caring for them”, says Rekha Babu, Founder, Soothika, a brand that caters to new mothers and babies by providing postnatal ayurvedic treatments and products.

Ayurveda has always been a part of Indian lifestyle since time immemorial. Motherhood is a special phase in a woman’s life and Ayurveda helps in taking care of her body postnatal. Ayurveda as a business is growing and getting powerful each day as people are getting back to their roots. The acceptance of natural remedies is helping the market growth and new products are attracting people from all walks of life.

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