Growing Awareness among the Consumers is causing the Ayurveda Industry to Boom: Anu Jaiswal

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi May 16 2019 - 3 min read
Growing Awareness among the Consumers is causing the Ayurveda Industry to Boom: Anu Jaiswal
Ayurveda is indeed an Indian concept which was practiced by various ancient doctors which were called as “ Vaids

While talking about a business segment carrying surplus opportunities for investors, the Indian health and wellness industry sets a remarkable example for the same. The industry has boomed from its initial phase to a segment that is attracting every other entrepreneur and franchisor in the current time.

Currently, it is a $3.7 trillion dollar market globally and is expected that the number will rise with newer researches that are taking place. Statistics show that India will be among the top 10 markets for the following health and wellness industry.

Talking with Wellness India, Dr. Anu Jaiswal, Founder & CEO, Vedic Sutra Wellness Center talks about the booming Indian health and wellness industry and the growing popularity of alternative medication in India. Excerpts from the interview:

The Growing Demand and Popularity for the Ayurvedic Products

Every industry is hit and affected by some latest trends that invade business sectors. These trends are supposed to carry huge potential that can transform an industry, according to the latest demands and expectations of the customers. In brief, a new trend is a result of customer’s changing demand and expectations towards a product or service.

Jaiswal says, “Ayurveda is indeed an Indian concept which was practiced by various ancient doctors which were called as “ Vaids”. the ayurvedic medicines and study of Ayurveda are jotted down in the old ancient Indian scriptures which gives the world the evidence that India was the land of origin of Ayurveda.

Now Ayurveda has made its way into our lives because of the awareness of the side effects of allopathy amongst the people and it generally noted that it takes a long time to see results when one opts for Ayurveda however the effects are long lasting and permanent.”

The Necessity for Right Education

Ayurveda is one segment where education plays a vital role while establishing an Ayurvedic wellness business. In fact, most of the entrepreneurs and franchisors are now attaining proper and required knowledge about their fields in order to enhance their offerings, later innovating successfully.

“Education is the most important factor, in fact, right education is the most important factor which helps in establishing a successful Ayurveda business. In addition to that, the zeal to provide and nurture in the best way possible to everyone who seeks betterment is required to excel in this business.

Your reviews and the words spread will be your ultimate portfolio. Apart from that, a greater knowledge of common public issues that are faced by the people will help in targeting the problem and creating a bigger change when solved with the application of Ayurveda,” adds Jaiswal.

The Ayurvedic Industry Going Tech-Friendly

Technology is now among the most powerful and effective tools for improving and growing a business, especially in this competitive period. Entrepreneurs and franchisors are ready to invest heavily in getting equipped with the right technology that can bring the best out from their businesses, satisfying the customers along with generating sales.

Jaiswal explains, “Particularly in the context of Ayurveda technology has played an important role, combining technology with Ayurveda provides timeless and more effective outcomes. The results which are generated are enhanced to an impressive extent. The fusion of technology and Ayurveda has given rise to a new term which is profoundly called techno-Ayurved and it has numerous benefits.”

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