E-Learning Is The Future of Education: Sachin Gulati

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra May 21 2019 - 4 min read
E-Learning Is The Future of Education: Sachin Gulati
In conversation with Franchise India, Sachin Gulati, Founder of TruMath, shared his valuable inputs on E-learning in India, scope in tier II & III cities and much more

The Indian Edupreneurs are finally overcoming the prevailing drawbacks and limitations of the online study, and speedily gaining grounds among the learners across India. The idea of breaking the notion of parents to promote children for offline studies, clear the shortcomings of existing online education models, and delivering the best quality knowledge of Mathematics at every doorstep at the minimum cost.

TruMath is a unique online education platform for students across the nation to study Mathematics. In conversation with Franchise India, Sachin Gulati, Founder of TruMath, shared his valuable inputs on E-learning in India, scope in tier II & III cities, the importance of online learning focusing mathematics and much more…

Future of E-learning in India

In India, the student-teacher ratio is very poor. There is a lack of good teachers in India because quality people are not taking up teaching as a profession; this creates a huge gap in quality teaching. Even those are present in this system; the focus is on mugging up the students.

“Education should build the base for the country. E-learning is meeting this gap by providing the best education from the comfort of home where a teacher does not have to rush to anyplace and face hassles like traffic or other. Hence, e-learning is the future,” said, Gulati.

The paradigm shift from offline learning to online learning

Each child is different from his/her unique nature and behaviour. However, the teaching and learning procedure used to be the same for all. Students were facing difficulties due to geographical, economic situations and there were other constraints as well. There was a need for making the system customized as it was not making sense. Change has come in the form of e-learning education system.

“Through this online education system, any student can access quality study material anytime and from anywhere. The e-learning system also benefits those students preparing for IIT. And if we talk specifically about Mathematics, most of the students face the challenge of good teachers in their locality and facing such situation they compromise with the available mediocre resources. Thankfully it has changed for good now. By joining an online education platform now students get access to good teachers and they get the exact classrooms feeling where they are able to ask and solve questions sitting at home,” asserted, Gulati.

“Another advantage of availing online education is that a student can opt for such classes matching his/her body clock and daily schedule. For example, if a student rests in the afternoon and studies during evening hours, s/he can do so by accessing e-learning platforms. Whereas, in an offline system, students need to adjust as per the teacher’s availability which is itself a detrimental factor for students. Thanks to the e-learning platforms, in just 2-3 years we have noticed the advancements in the education system. Today is a far, far better condition than what it used to be,” added, Gulati.

Also, it happens with students that during a lecture, he listens to what the teacher says, but can’t reciprocate the same after some time gap. When students face such issue generally they don’t go and consult the teacher because of shyness or forgetfulness. With online platforms, students can repeat the class or resolve doubt by asking a question from home.

Making Mathematics Engaging

There is a phobia around this subject among children because of the old, inefficient education system, especially mathematics.

“Instead of making the student understand certain question/ concept we make them rote that question. From my experience, I’ve seen if a child can play a video game, s/he can do maths very well. TruMath is totally based on this concept. We are making learning Math fun and interactive. The existent YouTube channels or online platforms in this space are giving single-direction learning; while what we offer is a two-way communication model. In every class, you would feel you are in a regular tuition class where a child would be solving 10-15 questions in the class itself and a student will feel, the teacher is sitting in front of him. Because of its interactive learning process, the child remains interested throughout the classes,” commented, Gulati.

Scope of e-learning in tier II and tier III cities

Acceptability is gradually growing in smaller cities. Registrations for TruMath classes are majorly from tier I cities including Delhi and Mumbai. However, around 35% registration we have received from smaller cities which shows people need this system and acceptability is growing there. In the last year, students who have enrolled with us have taken our “Repeat” classes. This shows they trust us which we take as a great achievement.

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