Digital Community Media is the Imperative Need of the Hour- Mr. Ankit Lal

Reetika Bose
Reetika Bose Sep 29 2017 - 3 min read
Digital Community Media is the Imperative Need of the Hour- Mr. Ankit Lal
Digital learning has seeped into the system considerably and has a far-reaching impact towards educating the vast population of India.

Talking about the Digital Education scenario in India, it is a dynamic system, which will completely digitize the traditional education system. There are many problems faced by traditional education system, i.e. all the activities in the organization are carried out manually, teachers have to maintain all the chapter contents to be taught in the class on paper, attendance records are maintained in register books, keeping a track of teaching progress is also a cumbersome task.

This system will prove to be beneficial not only for the organization, but also for teachers, students as well as parents. It will help in admission process of the students, scheduling of class lectures, managing library activities and lectures, managing teachers as well as student's notes, fee submission process and all other activities. All the information will be available to the students, employees and parents inside as well as outside the school campus through web facility.

In conversation with the Mr. Ankit Lal, ArtiMedia Knowledge Solutions, we were enlightened about the positive impact of Digitisation in Indian schools.

A Social Media Strategist, Trainer, Consultant, Campaign Evangelist, Mr. Ankit Lal talks about the Digitisation of Community Media at the ‘Blubworld Action Education Consultation Series 2017’.

Is the Education system able to abscond itself from the clutches of Traditional methods of teaching and accept the Digital teaching methods?

The students are already online and there behind the computer screens. It is for us, the teachers, the parents to realise that the students have moved to another platform, to another form of communication and have adapted the changes in terms of teaching patterns, education material. It is time for the Education system to evolve and not the students.

How important it is for community media to be digital today?

As I already said, the students are already digitally enabled. Any community media that is not digitally enabled is not meant for this generation. It is imperative that any community media in the current age has to be digitally enabled and be able to help the students to communicate not only among themselves but also with their parents, teachers etc.

Lately, what are the changes that you have observed in the Education system pertaining to Digital Education or Technology?

Of late, many schools have started to get worried about how digitization is impacting their classrooms because most of the students are using the social even before the officially allowed ages.

Talking about The Dark Web, and to what extend is it impacting the students is a concern for the schools nowadays. It is basically to make sure that the digital presence in a school is for the betterment of the students and not for ancillary means.

The foremost duty of a school and an educator is to educate their students. Education can be widely enhanced through Innovation. According to you, what are the future innovations that schools should look into for Child Development process?

The schools are already very over burdened for the entire schooling system is focused on grades and numbers. The competencies are limited. Every teacher is an expertise only in his/her own field. So, for that Collaborative efforts need to be encouraged like the Community Media we are talking about. We need to ensure that there are people from peer community and other people whose expertise is in that specific area where the students want guidance. Digital Community Media is the need of the hour. 

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