Art therapy- The new stress buster

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Art therapy- The new stress buster
Colours and art seem like a very interesting combination to cure people of tensions and stress and the likings for it say it all.

Colour provokes a psychic vibration. Colour hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.” - Wassily Kandinsky

Colours add so much to our lives. Their beauty is more than one can explain in words. Colours form art and art forms the thinking and perspective of a lot many things in life. People buy art for recreation, they create one for passion but art heals the damaged mind and soul like no other thing can. Art has been looked up only as either a hobby or for decoration purposes but it has a lot more to offer. Art therapy has become the new trend which is proving to burst stress and relieve the mind to provide calmness and relaxation. Adult colouring books have made their way in the health and wellness market and the trend is catching up faster among the adults.

The Mental Health Industry
Mental wellbeing is a crucial step towards ensuring complete health. In these times of hectic lifestyles and schedules, one does not get time to focus on the needs of the body and mind. People often focus on physical health thinking that they have more to do with it and should take care. They often neglect the whole concept of mental wellbeing. Stress has become the root cause of so many health problems and many innovations have also been done in order to tackle it. The health industry is booming with growth and the changes in the mental health industry can also be seen.

There has been significant growth in the mental health market from CAGR 2.1% for 2008-2014 to CAGR 2.8% for 2014-2018. The demand for mental health services has reached an all-time high and is expected to grow further as reported by Harris Williams & Co. in Behavioural Health Market Overview.

Stress and Mental Health
We all lead somewhat faulty lifestyles. The generation believes in giving more preference to work and has a whole schedule ready to run around the clock. In this process, the only thing which suffers is the health. Stress becomes a part of our lives and we live with it, thinking that everything is normal. This affects a lot on our mental health and increases the chances of acquiring various health and mental problems. Taking too much stress is not good for health and it should be managed properly, keeping health as a priority.

Stress arises when an individual is faced with the change of any kind, whether physical or psychological. It can lead to depression when the individual's actions may not result in desired outcomes in the face of this change. Often, stress results in social isolation, a situation that can contribute to depression and is also a common symptom of this condition, in a vicious cycle. Mental health is important in order to achieve life goals starting from education, relationships to professional satisfaction and growth. The need of the hour is to find ways to identify and address one's mental health needs, says Prashant Banerjee, Senior Manager, Pearson Clinical and Talent Assessment.

New Concepts to Improve Health
Though there are various ways and techniques to deal with stress and maintain proper mental health, the concept of adult colouring books is something which is new in the market. Gone are the times when colouring books were meant for kids. Art relieves the mind and seeing beautiful colours around you not only soothes and calms the mind but also cheers up the person. Colouring books for adults seems like a very interesting idea to indulge and explore art as well as to de-stress and relax. Adult colouring books are the simplest and easiest way to fight depression and combat stress in these times of super busy and fast moving lives.

The Global Wellness Summit has also stated this trend catching up fast and also being liked by many. Various designs and art forms have been formulated and are being used in adult colouring books specially designed for stress busting and to ensure proper mental health conditions. It is a new hobby adults can indulge in and benefit from.

The concept of colouring by grown-ups as a trend has become widespread in the recent past. It is observed that colouring intricate and fine designs help adults reduce stress and increases their focus, mindfulness and concentration in daily life. Colouring books for adults can be an effective stress buster. They offer us a reprieve from our fast-paced, information-driven lifestyles, says Bhavna Mishra, Hobby Ideas Expert and a renowned artist.

Innovating and utilising the technology for the best is the need of the hour. Discovering new ways to fight depression and take care of mental health is required by everyone. Colouring is not only a means to recreate but is also a medium to relax and let out all the pressure that gets compiled due to continuously running round the clock to meet targets. 

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