How can Sound Therapy Help Business Professionals?

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Feb 22 2018 - 3 min read
How can Sound Therapy Help Business Professionals?
Sound Healing uses the vibrations that come from sound to shift energy in the body, specifically to shift from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.


Using the human voice and musical instruments that resonate to stimulate healing; Sound Healing uses the vibrations that come from sound to shift energy in the body, specifically to shift from a place of imbalance to a place of balance.

Kristen Firpo, a wellness consultant, and sound healer has been working for many years since her visit to India, where she learnt the art and science of sound therapy.

She says, “With a sound healing session you can go from chaos to calm in as little as 10 minutes with lasting results. It is a therapeutic method that uses the vibrations of sound to shift energy in the body. It is the rhythm, frequency, and vibration of the sound that makes it effective with our bodies.”


A business demands all your focus on how to improve, where to grab the opportunity from, where to invest, how to make the business big while handling multiple works, there are chances that you tend to lose focus when you come across a small failure.

Sound Therapy helps in channeling the energy of the entire body in one direction to keep the focus intact. It generates its own motivating zeal to keep them pushing their own limits.

Reducing Stress:

Every business has its own pros and cons, some demand endless telephonic conversations, arranging threads to ships of business, whereas some demand running between poles to make ends meet. To satisfy the customer or meet deadlines, businessmen are stretching their arms way more than they can, resulting in unnecessary mental stress and frustration, which are difficult to cope up with.

As per Kristen Firpo, “Sound therapy helps in calming down the negative brain waves, which causes stress and frustration, and synchronizes them to create more of positive waves. The positive waves help in reducing stress and to run a business smoothly.”

Improves Emotional Balance:

It is difficult for people who are wholly and solely involved in their work, to maintain a personal relationship. They tend to bottle up their frustration and stress, which they earn from their work and they are likely to vent out their frustration on their personal relationship.

Also, they tend to spend more hours in the office than with family, which is a poorly balanced life and it might hamper business in future. The brain releases hormones which are responsible for emotional responses; sound therapy controls those hormones and helps them in releasing in a balanced way.

Polishes Organising Skills:

Kristen says, “On my journey in India, I came across people who were initially fascinated by the sounds I produced from the singing bowl and they would gather around me and close their eyes to enjoy the sound.

“Then the next day they told me that their back pain was gone, they had sound sleep and were feeling relaxed, that is when I learned the healing power of sound therapy. I immediately looked for places where I can study the science behind and learn the functions of different metals producing different sounds to heal different disorders.”

Businessmen/women go through never-ending meetings, conferences, and events everyday and are left with little time for relaxation or organizing their schedules for other things. Sound therapy can help them in polishing their organizing skills.

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