Why You Should Invest in a Stationery Franchise

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Nov 04 2019 - 4 min read
Why You Should Invest in a Stationery Franchise
With a lot of players coming into the organised market seeing the burgeoning demand for one-stop solutions, brands are creating independent entrepreneurship and franchise opportunities.

Is there any classroom where a lesson might get completed without any stationery? The answer is no! As we are moving towards technology-based teaching, many of us might be under the impression that one doesn’t require stationery in a classroom, but the fact is that students still require the tangible feeling of stationery as traditional schooling can never be replaced by modern techniques of learning whatsoever.

Considered to be a recession-proof business, the stationery market is growing at a fast pace without being affected by the intervention of tech-based teaching programs in the education system. As stationery will always be in demand by schools, colleges and offices, the franchises in this field become quite lucrative investment option for those who have a sound knowledge of business. Here is why you should invest in a stationery franchise.

The Booming Market

Traditionally, the market for stationery was very cluttered and unorganised. Many schools, colleges and organisations relied heavily upon local vendors that dealt with one or two products, for instance, getting paper and pens from one place and cartridges from somewhere else. This way of ordering supplies was difficult to monitor for the corporations, hence they seek one-stop solutions so that monitoring becomes easier. Added advantages of one-stop solutions for the corporations are: over 20 percent savings, business credit, standardisation, and supplier reduction, spend management and transparency.

As mentioned earlier, the market was hugely unorganised. With the increasing demand for one-stop solution, players started to get into a more structured format to cater to the growing demand, hence disrupted the organised market. This creates a niche for organised businesses in the field and gives franchise opportunities to aspirants. Even though the market is yet dominated largely by the unorganised players, the organised market is set to grow significantly in the near future. With a lot of players coming into the organised market seeing the burgeoning demand for one-stop solutions, they are creating independent entrepreneurship and franchise opportunities.

Lucrative Business Model

The umbrella term ‘Stationery’ has so many products under it.  Products ranging from pen, pencil, whiteboards, blackboards, markers, paper-based stationery products, geometry boxes and so on are being demanded by students from all across India. With such a wide variety of product categories, stationery market offers a wider range of franchise opportunities to the aspirants. There are franchise opportunities available in all these product categories and are lucrative business opportunities to start with entrepreneurship.

Talking about the business model, a franchise brand offers many added benefits to the franchisee while the brand also gets a few more advantages of offering franchise opportunities to like-minded entrepreneurs. As both of them, the franchisor and the franchisee, know the potential of stationery business, their union to achieve the success binds them together and makes franchising a more sought-after model for both of them.

While talking about the franchise requirements, many brands have different criteria for selecting their prospective franchisees. A stationery franchise is an easy and affordable option of breaking into the education industry. Stationery franchises don’t require much of an investment but requires a large area to procure the stock. The location of the stationery also plays a huge role while selecting on the prospective franchisee.  For instance, an established brand will look out for those entrepreneurs who possess a location that is accessible for the target consumers and a location that does not hamper the brand image. Many franchisors extend support to the franchisees when it comes to choosing locations.

Easy Investment, Great Returns

Talking about the typical investment range of a stationery franchise, it starts from Rs 50,000 and can range up to Rs 5 lakhs. The area requirement of a stationery franchise generally starts from 500-1000 sq ft and the breakeven period in most of the franchises can be expected in 1-5 months. The anticipated ROI is also a whopping 110% in a stationery franchise. So, a business-minded entrepreneur will likely to think investing in such a low cost franchise.



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