Why Gym Franchises Should Embrace Virtual Reality

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Aug 21 2019 - 3 min read
Why Gym Franchises Should Embrace Virtual Reality
VR fitness is just like gaming, but instead of levelling up an onscreen character, people are levelling up themselves

Gone are the days, when people used to work out in front of TV screens or with loud music. Now, technology has removed the geographical barrier for fitness, now people can exercise in an entirely different world, with images superimposed onto their field of view. This new form of workout emerging involves modern technology- virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) workouts.

VR fitness is just like gaming, but instead of levelling up an onscreen character, people are levelling up themselves. Gaming previously might have allowed people to neglect a fitness routine, virtual reality does just the opposite. It makes working out fun and less strainful. This is because, in traditional fitness experiences, people tend to focus on the pain of each rep or step.

The VR fitness technology creates a canyon between the actual effort and the perceived effort. People will be giving their full effort but won’t be feeling like it, making the workout session less tiresome and more engaging.

This technology is expanding at an unprecedented rate, with many gyms and health clubs already implementing it to make workout fun for members and also increase their profits. It has become one of the hottest trends in the fitness Industry.

 Thus it is safe to say that, Virtual Reality is the future of fitness. Here’s the reason why Gym franchises should embrace virtual reality as soon as possible!

Increases Motivation of gym-goers

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. But owing to hectic schedules and busy work life, many people are unable to make it to the gym every day.  However, most of the people find themselves fighting to gather motivation to go to the gym and end up quitting.

With VR in fitness, people are not only getting attracted towards it, but it also creates an immersive feeling. Consumer-facing fitness VR applications usually end up combating the boredom associated with exercise.

More Play Than Work

Many VR companies are now offering immersive games surrounding fitness and workout, for eg: cycling competition etc. These games not only make workout more fun but also allow the user to track their progress, heart-rate etc. People can also share their progress socially and also compete with fellow gym-goers.

Given the competitive nature of humans, VR makes the experience of gym-goer more entertaining and motivating. Gyms can take advantage of this increased interest and use VR as a way to keep members coming back.

Attracting More Members

VR has been there in the market since quite a few years. It has penetrated into a lot of industries and established a strong presence. With increased awareness, people are excited to try VR-based applications.

But not every consumer can afford to buy a VR-based fitness setup for their home. By having equipment at the gym, users can try out the technology without having to invest in a personal setup. This will boost customer excitement and fuel the gym adoption rate. With the increase in awareness, Gym owners or fitness franchises will quickly reap the benefits of incorporating VR into their customer offerings.

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