Why Fitness Franchisors Should Start Catering To Older Adults Now

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Dec 11 2018 - 2 min read
Why Fitness Franchisors Should Start Catering To Older Adults Now
The Indian fitness industry is evolving rapidly from its unstructured beginning to a lucrative ecosystem in today’s time.

According to the Deloitte India report, the Indian fitness industry is worth USD1.1 billion that is expected to cross $1.1 billion by the year 2017. Additionally, the Indian government is also contributing to this cause by promoting the fitness and wellness sector through Make in India campaign.

Such movements are becoming a driving force in the Indian fitness industry.

Fitness has always been a part of Indian culture, transforming lifestyles and promoting the necessity of incorporating a healthier lifestyle.

The industry is recently experiencing an explosion of older adults that are willing and joining the fitness centers, managing their physical fitness. Modern-day fitness franchisors need to focus on this niche audience as gym and fitness centers can be an intimidating place for older adults that are looking for a simpler method for improving their health.

What is a Senior Gym?

A senior gym is different from a public gym. If you are planning to establish a senior gym business, you need to feature equipment keeping the senior/older adults customers of yours in mind. It could include machines ranging from low-impact cardio to air-powered resistance training.

Additionally, programming also needs to be designed keeping the older adults in mind. As a fitness franchisor, you need to introduce various senior-friendly classes, balancing the training that could be performed while sitting down.

Inspire via Advertising

Advertising plays an essential role in attracting your potential customers. But remember that advertising to older adult differs from advertising to young population.

Try showing how older adults could transform their day to day activities by joining your fitness center. You could also design several programs and exercises keeping the disabled older adults in mind.

Hire Senior Trainers As Well

Trainers play an essential role in any fitness business success. Especially when you are planning to establish a senior gym, you need to be very selective with your hiring process.

You could go for instructors and trainers that have expertise in the same field and have the knowledge about the niche they are catering to. You could hire people who are themselves senior that could create a friendly ecosystem at your venue.

This would also generate job opportunities among the senior citizens that are passionate to work even at the old age. It could also help your business elevate as senior people could easily communicate with senior trainers about their issues.

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