Why Edutainment Franchises Are On The Rise?

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Apr 03 2019 - 3 min read
Why Edutainment Franchises Are On The Rise?
With the commencement of technology in education, various edutainment centres are presenting the peculiar way of learning in an entertaining style.

Edutainment is an amalgamation of education and entertainment. Gone are the days when the only sources of edutainment were limited to museums, science centres or zoos. With the commencement of technology in education, various edutainment centres are presenting the peculiar way of learning in an entertaining style.

Educational researchers and psychologists have talked extensively about the benefits of play as an integral part of children’s learning, and this is where edutainment centres come into play. Edutainment centres are building a taste or interest in learning among kids in a fun and engaging manner. Below are the reasons why edutainment franchises are increasing in demand.

Engaged and Experiential Learning

Raghuram Rajan, Former Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, educationist, said, “Education should become experiential in nature, enabling students to not just consume information, but also use it effectively in the real world.” 

Edutainment Centres like KidZania promotes the idea of “experiential learning” or “learning by doing”. This gives the students a hands-on experience they need for real-world success. It first immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.

There is demand for activities which are highly engaging and fun- based & role-playing, which breaks the traditional way of bookish learning. Edutainment franchises provide that only, which makes it enjoyable as well as educational for the children.

Fun Learning

Sona Mazumdar, Chief Partnership Officer, KidZania said, “The vital cause for the high demand of edutainment franchise is the growing popularity of 'fun with learning' as a concept. Hence, edutainment, which is entertainment combined with education, has been growing as an integral part to augment the overall educational experience for children.”

Innovative Parenting

With rapid technological innovation, kids are no longer interested in traditional ways of learning. They are more eager for learning by watching audio-visuals on a smartphone than a simple book. While parents are experimenting with various innovative gadgets available in the market that make learning digitally appealing and interactive, they do not always guarantee fully immersive learning experience represent a child’s real world.

Edutainment franchises facilitate a real-life experience with the use of modern gadgets, making it interesting for the kids.

Social and Emotional Skills

Edutainment unites cognitive, social, emotional and physical skill-based development in the form of fun activities.

Children work together and share the world they create with one another. This child-sensitive strategy seeks more social interaction which in turn plays a good role in enhancing their social skills which are vital for their survival and growth in the society. This also helps in instilling confidence in kids to face challenges and work in coordination and achieve goals. This kind of entertainment based learning helps them to grow up to develop many extracurricular skills.

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