Why Aviation & Hospitality Training Franchises Are Flying High With Profits

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Jul 13 2019 - 3 min read
Why Aviation & Hospitality Training Franchises Are Flying High With Profits
The aviation & hospitality industry in India is riding a growth wave, exceeds an annual growth rate of over 25%

Unemployment in youth is rising at a worrying rate and has become a major concern in India. In the era of Industrial 4.0, job requirements are rapidly changing hence skilling and re-skilling is need of the hour.

Aviation & Hospitality training, earlier, was not a traditional choice for a course, but with changing scenarios, these have emerged are the most sought after courses in India. The industry is offering ample job opportunities to youth, enticing them to opt for the training course.

Earlier, in India, there weren’t many courses available focused on the aviation & hospitality sector, and those available required huge fees, making it accessible to blessed few. Usually, Graduates of any discipline used to apply for aviation & hospitality jobs. They used to get trained after they were selected after an interview.

However, things have changed! Observing the rising demand of aviation & hospitality sector, various training institutes have emerged catering to the needs of the sector. The aviation & hospitality industry in India is riding a growth wave, exceeds an annual growth rate of over 25%.

Increasing Demand among Students

Merely a decade back, the courses which were in demand were traditional once, such as engineering, doctor etc. Almost everyone was hoping to get admission into these courses.

However, this more & more students graduating in the same field and decreasing job opportunities led to an increase in the unemployment rate. Now students are refraining from opting traditional courses and instead skilling themselves or choosing professional courses.

According to industry reports, the foreign tourist arrival in India is expected to reach 153 lakhs by 2025.  Influenced by several global factors, such as geopolitics, increase in tourism, rising disposable income, business travellers etc, the aviation & hospitality industry is growing at an unprecedented rate. The tourism & hospitality sector is among the top 10 sectors in India to attract the highest FDI.

The growth potential has created a huge demand for skilled resources & manpower, which means there’s a wide arena of jobs awaiting the youngsters across various interesting job profiles. In fact, in the coming years, there will be a demand for 6,000,000 trained hotel management professionals, 5,000,000 healthcare professionals and 2,000,000 aviation professionals.

This is one of the major reasons why students are increasingly joining aviation & hospitality training institutes. Moreover, multiple added incentives of working in this industry such as lucrative wages, travelling opportunity etc. keep the millennials constantly motivated to be associated with it.

Even the government of India supports in increasing the skill set of the youth in India, pivotal to future growth for skill training institutes.

Franchise Opportunity

 The present skilled workforce in India is only 2 %, much lower than the developing nations (Korea (96%), Japan (80%), Germany (75%), UK (68%) and China (40%) as reported by Labour Bureau report. The establishment of skill development institutes such as Hospitality & aviation training franchise will play a vital role in equipping people with the requisite job skills and make them employable, all the while reaping huge profits for you.

There is various franchises available in the training sector to choose from. The investment requirement also varies on the brand name. There are hospitality & aviation training franchises whose initial investment starts from 10-15 lakhs, while some well-established & famous ones require an investment of 1-2 crore.

The area requirement for hospitality & aviation is higher than other training franchises. It may start from 1200 sq. ft. and even range up to 6000 sq. ft. The anticipated return of investment would be around 50-80%.

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