Why are Pool workouts the next big thing!

Pooja Arora
Pooja Arora Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Why are Pool workouts the next big thing!
Know what makes aqua fitness a sort after exercise regime amongst enthusiast.

Where is the buzz what is hot on the fitness scene, be it workouts , the new diet on the block, or the new trend with fitness clothes . We all want to know what is it that is holding the pulse. Surprise Surprise, this time around it is Aqua Fitness.

A few years back when we heard the term aqua aerobics it would be in the context of a gentle class with older adults. Never would anyone have thought that water workouts could be a trend and rule the day the way they are doing globally now.

Traditional gyms in the past would offer a fitness enthusiast some cardio machines and some strength training equipment. Now those same gyms have a gamut of options like Zumba , Spinning , Functional training , yoga , Pilates and more . An average fitness enthusiast is spoiled for choice here . The same holds good for water workouts . Gone are the days of grand ma aqua classes . The new age water fitness classes have so much more to offer. Aqua classes have incorporated boxing , pilates, functional , spinning , dance, be it Bollywood or Zumba , yoga, meditation and high intensity interval training . When we add the splash of aqua to these forms of fitness classes we not only remove the boredom from it and add fun, we also remove the chances of getting injured while exercising . Injuries and boredom are the two biggest deterrents that come in the way of a fitness enthusiasts exercise goals, that aqua workouts don’t have.

What aqua workouts do have on the other hand is that your chances of getting toned and fitter are much higher than an average land fitness class . Water is 800 times heavier than air, which makes it that much tougher for the participant to exercise in. Its resistance can help you tone and get stronger, faster than you imagined . Again here we can either workout without equipment or increase the challenge by adding aqua equipment to the workout. More often than not we associate aqua dumbbells with the only equipment that there is. Here again be ready to be surprised. A few of the many water workout equipments available in the market right now are aqua gloves, water ankle weights , resistance ropes , paddle boards , fins , barbells , push paddles, each having their own functional uniqueness that the participant finds differently challenging.

A workout is a sure shot way of putting anyone in a good mood. Exercise happy hormones or endorphins are the healthiest way to put a day’s stress off. Whereas most workouts give us a happy high, water workouts take it a notch up. It is not a secret that being in water has therapeutic benefits. So, a pool workout not only is safe and effective, but also good for the mind. It is a complete mind and body workout package.

The good news is that an access to a pool is much easier now. With modern designed condominiums mushrooming in big and small cities, everyone has a pool in it as one of the facilities. It is fantastic when we compare it to a time where an access to a pool would mean once a week visit to the local club. Temperate controlled pools or smart pools are very popular as well, where participants can dip in throughout the year.

What does it take to make the pool your gym?

As most aqua exercises are done vertically in the shallow end of the pool, one can do aqua workouts even if they do not know how to swim . Pool workouts are not restricted to a particular age , and anyone can do them whether it is a 70 year old woman or a 25 year old gentleman working out , both can challenge themselves and get a good effective workout . If you’re a runner looking at cross training on your rest days or an expectant mother wondering how to stay fit during pregnancy, pool workouts might be your answer. Due to the unique properties of buoyancy and resistance, water workouts are good for a broader spectrum of people and are not age restrictive.

With so many benefits it is not surprising at all that Pool workouts have become the next big thing .Trends will come and trends will go, but what remains in fashion is health, and that is the reason why the aqua fitness wave is here to stay.

This article has been authored by Pooja Arora, Speedo Fitness Expert.

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