What to Expect in Content and Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Nov 13 2017 - 5 min read
What to Expect in Content and Digital Marketing Trends in 2018
As content and digital marketing are taking the spotlight, let’s anticipate the trends that are ahead of us in 2018.

For a Wellness business to succeed, it is really important to be surrounded by trends. Trends keep the industries moving and maintain the flow of various new technologies in the market. Content and digital marketing have been two tools that have garnered a lot of followers. It is not because of them being the ‘trending things to do’ but the techniques they involve that have led many businesses to prosper and succeed. As we are approaching 2018, it is worthy to list down the content and digital marketing trends that are bound to gather a lot of steam.

Moving Ahead with Social Publishing
Wellness businesses are going to move a step further in the world of social media. From just posting images and links to write-ups or articles, social media will be seen being used a platform of not just content distribution but also the content publication. We already have LinkedIn and other platforms contributing both the advantages but the trend will take things a notch higher. Facebook, which has already introduced its feature of Instant Articles, has been receiving a good response in this category. Snapchat, in tow, has also added the feature of allowing snappers to add links to their snaps. As the trend has always been of social media platforms copying features from each other, it seems that by 2018 all the major and even some minor social media platforms will introduce the publishing option in their apps. This will benefit the publishers a lot and an increase in the usage of this option is also evident.

Influencer Marketing on the Rise
If you are a part of any vertical from the wellness industry, it is known how important it is top influence consumers in order to ensure the success of the brand. As we talk about content and digital marketing trends for 2018, influencer marketing is also gaining the momentum like various other techniques of marketing. Paid ads are losing their charm as people tend to skip ads whenever one pop-up. This leads to the message that was meant to be delivered through the ad being skipped by the person. The latest in the list to join the marketing methods is the influencer marketing that has gathered a lot of followers. Many big brands are collaborating with celebrities and influencers to send the message to the people. Though this might be a bit on the expensive side than pop up ads, influencer marketing is proving to work more efficiently than pop up ads

Producing Content through AI
Well, who thought AI enhanced content would be a reality someday? With the increasing uses and capabilities of Advanced Intelligence, the content and digital marketing section are also seeing something fresh. Various ways of using the AI for the benefit of the businesses like generating content from the data and analytical information can be seen happening. Though the rate of it is slower at present, its expected to pick pace in 2018.

Impacting More with Visual Content
It is said that a person tends to remember more information when he attains the same through images and less in words. Visual and augmented realities are here to present a new form of generating content that is way more effective. Brands have started choosing them over other options as they seem to understand the changing trends in the content and marketing trends.

Live streaming and Video Content
Live streaming and video content gather more views and online activity as compared to images, links and text posts. People prefer live videos more as they are engaging. This works as an advantage for the brand as the main motive of every brand is to establish recall value and connectivity. With the progress in these types of content, the coming year seems like a bright year for the brand to utilise the trend to the max.

Expert Speak
Online content has been bringing in consumers. More than 60-90 minutes of content is being consumed by the industry. This means a lot as this proves a huge base of consumers for the wellness industry. Video content is also liked by many people since independent content writers from beauty and wellness industry on YouTube contribute to it globally, says Mr Swagat Sarangi, Co-Founder, Smytten.

On account of the continuous unprecedented strides, Artificial Intelligence is highly thought of as a study capable of being implemented in almost “Everything.” There are tonnes of data and extracting useful information out of it is particularly an exigent task. AI enables highly interactive heuristic perspective capable of dealing with problems in an exceptionally better way than humans will. AI does the heuristic reasoning, manipulation of symbolic descriptions, contemplating hypothesis, explaining the reason of why the question is being asked, and justifying conclusions, says Aayushi Kishore, Co-founder and CMO, Boltt Sports Technologies.

Digital marketing has become a need for every business existing. The wellness industry has become the hub of all the digital marketing techniques being put to good use. Online content has also been gaining a lot of importance due to its many benefits it provides to the many business opportunities that come under the wellness industry. As all the industries are using content and digital marketing as an essential tool, the introduction of a new set of trends is a welcome move for the wellness as well as other industries.

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