What is Research Based Education?

Uttara.J. Malhotra
Uttara.J. Malhotra Jun 18 2018 - 2 min read
What is Research Based Education?
Research Based Learning Is Opening New Vistas Of Creativity And Problem Solving For Learners

Most popular in the west, Research-Based Education has become the new way of learning. In times to comes, it will catch momentum in India as well. Sanit Srikoon says, “Research-based learning (RBL) is a part of learning process in order to construct the essential skills in the 21st century.”

Most international university programmes provide Research-Based Education from the undergrad level itself.

 Guided Learning

Here, students tend to engage in guided self-learning. These programmes are essentially designed to stretch intellect and develop skills of analysis and problem-solving, preparing students for a career. The research carried out usually has an open outcome.  This helps to internalize and practice research conducts and methods, skills such as formulating a precise question and processing and monitoring a research process. Students attain abilities in dealing with uncertainty, independence, teamwork and organisational skills.

STEM Education

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. 

Here, students are able to connect academic learning with workplace learning, developing transferable skills such as communication, group working, negotiation and public engagement. 

In order to provide a framework for the exchange and mutual development of ideas in relation to research-based teaching, focus groups were established. Here, once a month, lecturers discuss the possibilities and difficulties of this teaching technique using concrete examples.

New participants who are interested in incorporating elements of their course research or already do so are always welcome to take part in this exchange.

Win-Win Situation

Education worldwide is moving towards experiential than classroom learning only. Research-Based Education is the next step to experiential learning at Graduate and Post Graduate level.  It is also proving advantageous for the teacher who is involved in this process. This form of teaching and learning focuses on the joint acquisition of new knowledge by lecturers and students. Here, lecturers are able to reflect on their role as teachers and learners both. This form of learning is helping to stimulate a curiosity-driven approach to education. Students will be prompted to ask questions and teachers will have to be that much more motivated and involved to answer.

At such a stage of learning, innovations, new developments and solutions to old problems emerge. Many universities abroad are open to implement and include such learnings into their curriculum as well and welcome such innovation.

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