What are the Wellness trends we will observe in 2018?

Nikhil Kapur
Nikhil Kapur Dec 12 2017 - 5 min read
What are the Wellness trends we will observe in 2018?
If in 2017 the wellness forte got a personal preference, then in 2018, it is only going to get a wider and deeper horizon.

The passion for fitness is here to stay forever, so it is natural for us to extend our personal capabilities and make room for more and more of it- which includes wellness this time. Enter the super cool world of wellness and fitness which is no mean business and is only meant to serve you holistically, sensuously and in the zeal of good health. People are familiar with the underlying factors of fitness like good health, sustainable health and the various means to achieve them. They don’t need another gym trick to get that fit body. Now, they need better means to achieve the same level of fitness, so the natural re-routing will happen through wellness which is as much about the physical rejuvenation as it is about the mental relaxation. Without the mental nodes, there is no physical revitalization too. Both need each other and so do we need them now.

So, here is how people will correlate good health and fitness with wellness in 2018.

Wellness Travel
We were travelling for wellness and now, we will plan a wellness holiday to go deep within. There are the best retreats which work closely and personally with each guest and give them accommodation to mingle with nature and the self. There are absolute serenity and solace with a hill journey and if your direct spot is a wellness resort, it cannot get any more personally inquisitive.

The best wellness retreats offer their guest the extreme luxury of indulgence with personalized treatments, personalised menu, personalised wellness routine, thus a perfect wellness vacation. It is the preferred treatment delivered in specialised settings, which cannot get any better, can it!

Wellness Specialities
As more and more people get acquainted, the wellness concept will gain further traction. Also, those seeking further respite in nature and wellness will drive the diversification in wellness and natural care. It will only get more interesting and exciting as more people continue to dwell on the topic of wellness. The wellness outlets on their part will continue to offer an insight to help people get friendly to the idea and understand its relevance deeper.

Like any wellness centre begins with doing a postural assessment and then prescribe a suitable therapy like aromatherapy, recovery, de-stress, reflexology, Vedic spice or invigorating massage and the Yogic kriyas (according to prescription). There are personal trainers to help you do personal yoga sessions. There is TRX, stretching sessions, spinning, dance, laughter therapy, pranayama, meditation and more to do some mind, body and soul-searching.

The biggest trend for 2018 will be an infrared sauna, acupuncture, Reiki and the natural beauty products gaining mainstream attention.

Visiting Experts
A wellness visit is always experiential and to make it particularly effective, one should ideally long for more experience and observations. There are many wellness destinations which offer you an opportunity to get up and close with nature and understand the life here.

Lookout for interactions and special engagements with chefs, athletes, healers, doctors, gardeners, to learn every bit about the art of spiritual healing, healthier habits and top of the skills to offer wellness.  It is good to interact and carry meaningful conversations back home. 

Take a willful break from the world of constant communication and be in your cocoon. It is a big task to take a recluse and only a wellness resort destination can help you do that. Go up the hill and enclose yourself in the silence.  

Instead of a virtual experience on-screen, pave way for the mindfulness and meditative nature walks, enjoy the utmost silence with the spa therapists, or even the lovely lookout at nature from your room. Engage with natural things of life by doing physical workouts like aqua exercises, Pilates, stretching sessions, laughter therapy, jogging through nature or simply meditating. Take out time once in a whole to enter the no-cell zone in personal comfort and willingness to mingle around.

Mental Health
Boost the on-going awareness of this subject and focus on one of the most unaccepted facts of human behaviour.  Educated and support people to openly talk and discuss their mental well-being. Work towards mindfulness... encourage discussions at workplaces, public forums, educational institutes. Celebrities are already promoting mental health and so will wellness industry.

In the Nutshell
As more and more people walk into the wellness zone, the presumption is that they have a renewed purpose of fitness and good health. Naturally, they are not alien to the nuisances of the daily life and how a wellness retreat can be a perfect match for them. It is just that they now wish to experience it and be a part of this blissful journey. To do so, they will look for value-add through wellness. This is where the big opportunity lies.

We don’t need to convince people to visit us, but we definitely need to give them an experience which they will cherish for a lifetime. Repeat visits will be our biggest success since a single guest visiting us many times means that they know how wellness can make a difference to us. So, personalization will rule the roost.

This article has been authored by Nikhil Kapur, Director, Atmantan Wellness Centre.

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