Wellness business amassing protein powder for weight gain

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
Wellness business amassing protein powder for weight gain
Counting on the increasing craze of gyms and fitness centres, selling muscle-building supplement can be a great business idea.

Life imparts a challenge to everyone who is a part of the rate race. It is becoming harder every day to maintain proper lifestyle and enjoy healthy food habits. The majority of the urban-folks are suffering from various health conditions. The main reason behind it seems to be the lack of nutrition in the square meals and unhealthy lifestyle choices. The scenario is changing slowly, but steadily due to the emergence of wellness brands which include fitness services and dietary products.

As per statistical studies conducted by the health research centres, the urban population is increasingly depending on the street and junk food. People, especially professionals and kids, consume a large portion of junk food regularly. The problem is adding up with improper BMI, although the mass of skinny individuals is lesser than the obese ones. Research suggests that the volume of fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts have increased considerably in the local gyms and fitness studios. It is being supported by the increase in disposable income of the young generation who want to groom themselves and look attractive.

Protein supplement on the rise
The shows and ads in the televisions are featuring excellently built models which are affecting the young Indian population in a good way. The generation is now diverting and motivating themselves towards the fitness centres by becoming more concerned about their health. Most of the professionals of age within 25 to 35 are hitting gyms in their office premises to stay fit and competitive. Looking un-presentable is not an option when the world still judges you by the cover. This is where the protein powder for weight gainis necessary.

The Indian physiology depicts slimmer body structure. The occurrence of overweight problems might be common, but the rate of gaining mass is slower in India. There are so many brands in India which are providing the right supplements to the youngsters.

  • MuscleBlaze

Known for its versatility, the product from this brand is adopted by most of the gym hitters to gain mass quickly. The protein supplement of this brand contains essential amino acids necessary to meet the requirements for body growth and muscle building.

  • Optimum Nutrition

Sine 10 years, this brand has been delivering the right protein shake ingredient to the masses. Based on a whey protein formulation, this product has very less amount of fat and carbohydrates. The higher amount of protein allows an individual to work hard and develop lean muscles without worrying of protein deficiency.

  • MyoFusion

When it comes to flavours, MyoFusion tops the list. Many individuals often complain about the bland taste of the shakes, but this product wins everyone’s heart with its excellent taste. It has got many flavours like cinnamon roll, strawberry, peanut butter, milk chocolate, etc. Its product also concentrates on whey and casein ingredients to make it a better combination.

  • MuscleTech

Best known for muscle repair, this product is preferred for its simplicity. It is a popular name for a post-workout shake to regain the lost protein in your muscles. The supplements under this brand entertain three most important amino acids that are glycine, alanine, and taurine.

Protein supplement as a wellness business idea
Initiating a supplement business will not be hard as far as the current market is concerned. With the growth of gyms and fitness centres in the locality and increase in health awareness among the population, selling muscle-building supplement can be a great business idea.

Products related toprotein powder for weight gain will be the bestselling ones as these formulations aids in bridging the nutritional gap for someone who is going through a hardcore exercise regimen. On the other hand, it will be a smart idea to collaborate with the local gyms and fitness centres to increase the business prospect. The supplements can be accompanied by fitness items like bottles, shakers, etc to make the business more lucrative.

Starting this business will not need a huge investment. A small space and a decent ambiance will do the trick. Supplement Mentor, MediSys, Sanda Wellness, India Supplement, etc provide franchising options that can be adopted within a limited budget. Setting up a theme shop and organizing road shows will be the best way to encourage more youth to join the fitness revolution and promote your business. 

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