We produce lenses that are safe for the eyes and high on quality- Dr Z.C. Chen

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Oct 09 2017 - 3 min read
We produce lenses that are safe for the eyes and high on quality- Dr Z.C. Chen
Focusing on safety and quality are also important if a brand wants to establish their mark in the consumer market.

Innovations do drive the industry and bring together so many new possibilities for the consumers as well as the other brands. It happens sometimes that in the pursuit to chase success and profits, the brands forget their real motive and compromise on the quality and safety of their products. With so many options available it is never an issue to switch to a new brand if a consumer does not feel satisfied with the current brand. New innovations pique the curiosity of the customers as they offer something new to them. The combination of innovation and safety always attracts consumers and becomes the biggest reason to initiate profits for the brand. In a conversation with Dr Z.C. Chen, Chairman and CEO, BenQ Materials, Taiwan, Wellness India got to know about their newly launched brand, Miacare, the unique points associated with their products, what the consumers can expect from them and how important is safety and quality for them when it comes to their contact lenses.

1.     What are the unique points of the contact lenses by your brand, Miacare?
We are a material company that heavily invests in a user’s experience and the fundamental material modality line. We create a perfect fusion of these qualities and come out with products for the customers. We have come up with our brand Miacare that provides contact lenses that has high oxygen penetration levels, water content, and longer wearing time and at the same time is really comfortable for the customers to wear.

2.     How different are Miacare’s contact lenses from other brands in terms of usage time limits?
Our customers do compare our products and products from other brands. We have got to know from them that they feel no problem in wearing the lenses for a whole day. For example, a person can wear Miacare’s contact lenses at 8:30 in the morning and can wear them by 9:00 in the evening and even longer, without feeling the need to change to their glasses. So, this is a very exciting innovation for us as well as for the consumers.

3.     How does your brand ensure the safety of the eyes while using these contact lenses?
The most difficult part is the irritation to the eyes which happens when there are harmful chemicals in the lens. We do not use any of such materials in our lenses and that is why the consumers do not have to worry about this issue. Quality is also an issue for people who use contact lenses as bad quality lenses can damage the cornea. Miacare takes care of the quality of the lenses it produces as the consumers do not face such issues.

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