We do not price our devices very high as our aim is not just making huge revenue- Melissa Kang

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Oct 07 2017 - 5 min read
We do not price our devices very high as our aim is not just making huge revenue- Melissa Kang
The medical aesthetics market us becoming an interesting industry and the credit goes to the innovative ideas for which technology is being used.

At the launch event of Venus Concepts’ Fiore in the Indian market, Wellness India striked a conversation with Melissa Kang, Vice President Global Marketing, Venus Concept and dig into the new technology that the non-invasive device is using for improving feminine health with the advantage of no downtime.

Kindly let us know about your brand, Venus Concepts.
Venus Concept started about 6 years ago. We are a global company and have our direct offices set up in more than 28 countries. We also service among 60 countries and our brand is quickly growing. We do millions of treatments in a year and the whole philosophy of Venus Concept as it provides safe technology, proven efficacy with no downtime. Our unique model is a partnership model with our customers. We are the only device company in the world that has a full partnership programme. It is like when a person or business approaches us, we provide full support in all the important areas like marketing, IT etc. We have made our business model in this way that we work with our customers. We try to understand what the customers want as it helps our brand to succeed.

How does the technology used for Venus Fiore Works?
Fiore is a combination of radio frequency and PEMF i.e. pulsed electromagnetic fields. Radio frequency and PEMF have been in the medical industry since a long time. The wonderful thing about radio frequency is that you can use it for any skin colour since it’s proven and incredibly safe. The way Fiore works for the internal mons pubis and labia is in a safe way and provides the energy to treat the issues with them. Since it also looks after internal vaginal health restoration, it works on improving the feminine health and there are different measures that it takes to treat and maintain it in a safe manner. It is a device which is very easy to use and the treatments are also short that last only 10 minutes. There is no downtime so that women get back to their regular life after the treatments. Generally for some women it is all about just three treatments and they are healthy and happy. It is a product with a newer version of the already existing technology. There are other devices also in the market but the technology that Fiore uses is something different.

What can the consumers expect from this new product?
Venus Fiore is for women between 35 to 60 years. It is for women with children, menopause etc. So, this product helps women under these specific areas since it basically focuses on internal vaginal health restoration, labia tightening and mons pubis reduction.

How does Venus Concepts’ R&D centre work?
Our Research and Development centre has a team of 20 people. The team works towards developing technologies and innovation s that will work for the betterment of future. The R&D team is coming up with devices that are safe, effective, no downtime and really easy for physicians to deliver the results.

What are your views on the medical aesthetics industry?
The medical aesthetics industry is the most exciting place to be and is really growing. With so many non- invasive and non- surgical options for people, it has become an exciting market. If we consider the expansion of this market and the different technologies like Fiore and some of the other devices that we have, these treatments are for everyday women. It is very affordable, easy to do and so it is not just for a small population of women to enjoy but for everyone out there.

How are you planning to set an appropriate pricing and what are the essential points that you are considering?
Most of our devices are consumable free and that means there are no extra costs that might be attached to some of the other devices in the market which makes the treatments extremely expensive for the patients. So, Fiore doesn’t add such costs to the treatments. There are some small costs that are needed to be paid but in general, it is much cheaper than other devices that are available in the market. It is affordable for all. We do not price our devices very high as our aim is not just making huge revenue. We want people to take up treatments they require and not shun the idea of it by just looking at the high costs associated with the devices.

What are your further expansion plans for the Indian market?
For the Indian market, we will be launching a revolutionary hair removal system. Again I would like to say that the device will be safe, comfortable and suitable for all skin types as we will be introducing a new hair removal technology. It will provide a new experience to the women in the hair removal market as it will give no discomfort, will be quick and cost-effective. We are very excited to launch it and there are a couple of other devices as well that we are working on.


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