Vegan and Organic- Don’t Confuse Yourself Over Them

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Feb 26 2018 - 5 min read
Vegan and Organic- Don’t Confuse Yourself Over Them
Though the markets are full of vegan as well as organic products, it still sometimes confuses the buyers as to what they really mean.

There is a constant hustle and a little confusion when it comes to drawing a line between organic and vegan products. The markets are full of products that are organic and are said to be really beneficial for consumers. Given their factor of being grown without the use of pesticides, consumers are very much impressed by them. Everyone nowadays is going organic while some of them might not even be sure what it really is. By organic, the products are expected to be grown organically and without the use of any synthetic chemicals. The purity of these products offer is what has attracted the consumers a lot.

Vegan, on the other hand, is trending on the same level as organic. By vegan, one truly refers to a philosophy that shuns everything that has been derived from animals. This includes eggs, meat, dairy products etc. When it comes to food, people have been experimenting and discovering. While organic foods promise you pure and clean consumables, vegan makes you shun all that is animal derived. For vegan makeup, the products need to be free from animal fats, honey, Beeswax and every other animal product and by-products.

Market Performance
Organic products, whether they are food or make-up, have a promising market. The global organic food and beverage market is expected to touch USD 320.5 Billion by 2025, as stated in a report by Grand View Research. People are also opting for organic make-up since it is looked up as safe and clean to use. The benefits of going organic are a lot and that is why there is a huge demand for the same.

Vegan Products are a new segment for the Indian market to explore. Though people are very enthusiastic to try and go vegan, which will make them avoid all the animal produced products, the makeup industry is not any far behind. Since India is still exploring all the option the vegan industry is bringing with it, the rest of the world looks to have discovered their love for everything vegan. China has been reported as the fastest growing market for the vegan trend with a growth rate of 17.2% between 2015-2020.    

Brands in Play     
There are many brands that are laying it strong in the organic and vegan markets. From clothing to food to make-up, there are so many Indian brands that have made organic so popular. Satva, Omved, Beebay, Indrica etc are somke companies that are into organic clothing. Organic India, Chamong, Naturally Yours, Organica etc are some organic food companies. In the makeup segment, Ray Rituals, Organic Mill, Juicy Chemistry, Aroma Essentials etc are the companies in beauty and skin care.    

In the vegan sector, The Nature’s Co., Aloe Veda, Soulflower, Just Herbs, Nature’s Essence, Aroma Essentials, etc are some of the Indian companies in the lost list of vegan brands in the industry.                                                                                                     

                                                                                                                                                                      Expert Speak
“I think it is very important that organic products be used and encouraged. Even if they are a little pricier, government has to give some types of cutbacks to them. These minerals enrich the body and they are not as harmful as the other chemical products.  We are also in talks for an organic makeup line and such products should be encouraged as right now whatever products we use are purely chemical. They are extensively used which is surely going to harm the skin somewhere. Having said that, I think organic is the way forward but it is still going to take some time to evolve completely. There are many products but on the basis of results, it still has to go through lot of changes. The organic products line is still developing and I think it will be ready in the next 10 years or so,” says Dr. Sam Paul, Director and Legal Head, Paulson's Beauty and Fashion Pvt. Ltd and Pauls System Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

“The real meaning of vegan beauty is that is it organic but still more than organic as we do not use even dairy products in the making of those beauty products. A vegan brand by definition is a brand that is more than being "vegetarian". A vegetarian still drinks milk, yogurt, eat eggs, wear silk and leather, eats honey and burns candles made from beeswax, or use carmine as red colour ingredient in food and cosmetics but a vegan product does not contain any of these products. A vegan brand can be organic and natural on top of being vegan, what in my opinion is the best of all worlds. The vegan products have a shelf life of almost four years without using any chemicals and that is what, according to me, real vegan is,” says Sargam Dhawan, CEO and Director, Paul Penders Botanicals India.

Organic and Vegan products have their own long list of followers. The trends have been loved and utilised by the consumers a lot. While some have really understood what these two terms really signify, there are still many who have taken them up just a fad. It’s time to understand them properly and imbibe them in our lifestyles with a view to attain a healthy and happy life.

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