Understanding Women Entrepreneurship From a Mompreneur’s Perspective

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 07 2019 - 4 min read
Understanding Women Entrepreneurship From a Mompreneur’s Perspective
Kiran feels women have the power of achieving anything, but it has to be clubbed with support from their husbands and in-laws. Read on...

Once a teacher, now an entrepreneur and mother of two, KiranDham’s entrepreneurial journey of becoming the CEO of Globus Infocom reflects that feminism is not just a thing to flaunt but to instill in life as well as to encourage the future generation.

This World Women’s Day, Franchise India got a chance to interact with her and know her thoughts on encouraging women entrepreneurs. Kiran feels, “Women have the power of achieving anything, but it has to be clubbed with support from their husbands and in-laws.”

Mompreneurship Is Liberating

Being a mompreneur herself, she says, “The new generation of mothers are turning into entrepreneurs by choice because they realize that it’s finally the time to pursue that idea which was in their mind for so long. Finding one's calling, either in search of a new beginning or an identity usually propels them to start their own venture. Usually, after becoming a mother, women have to cut back on their career plans in order to give time to their child. Somewhere starting something of their own identity gives them that lost sense of self-esteem & recognition which they deserve at their career end. It also brings internal satisfaction, financial independence & better work life integration making it all worth the effort.”

Why Women Drop Their Jobs and Opt for Entrepreneurship Post Sabbatical?

Kiran is a mother of two and so she can understand why women opt for entrepreneurship over regular job post their sabbatical. She says, “The idea of sabbatical or career break is still not quite welcomed in the job industry. Women who plan to resume their career after maternity leaves or sabbatical face difficulties even now while resuming their career. It’s difficult to make the job provider understand that the woman is still well-versed with her job skill & can easily handle the work-life balance. Starting their own work not only give them their creative satisfaction but also gives them the desired freedom to work at their own pace and time. Also, post the sabbatical, women have generally streamlined their responsibilities & can easily focus on their way forward towards what they want to do.”

Women Entrepreneurship is Now a Rising Trend 

Kiran says, “Women entrepreneurship has been on a rising trend. The number of women showing interest in starting their own business is encouraging. Now, the overall perception of entrepreneurship has changed on a global level. The social acceptance of women start-ups has increased. Now, the improvement in the technological & financial infrastructure has also led to the growth of women entrepreneurship in India. 

There are a number of women who have shown good entrepreneurial skills and have garnered appreciation and recognition in the male dominated industries. They have established themselves as role models for other women who dream to start something on their own. It has also resulted in the change in demographical characteristics of the business and contributed to the economic growth of the country. Businesses run by women have been established as a prominent inspirational source for the society generating no. of employment opportunities for others.”

Tools of a Successful Women Entrepreneur

Kiran believes there is nothing like successful or unsuccessful; if you have started your entrepreneurial journey, that’s a success in itself.

She adds, “A positive & strong business attitude along with a clear & well-defined objective is the main attributes to start with.  A successful entrepreneur has to be ready to take on the criticism & extract the positives from the same without being too affected. Accept the failures graciously & carry a Never Give Up attitude. Persistence in following their passion/dream would take them to miles. One of the key factors to staying in the game would be strong & healthy networking. Though in all this, women should also be prepared to make the required sacrifices which might need them to cut on their family time or other activities.”

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