Trends That Will Transform The Online Education Industry In 2019

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Jan 14 2019 - 3 min read
Trends That Will Transform The Online Education Industry In 2019
The entire eLearning landscape around the globe is changing rapidly and new trends continue to emerge

Online education has become popular among working professionals and students. These categories of online learners find immense benefit in the autonomy, and flexibility, that these courses offer. Online courses can be planned into their schedule, which may include full-time employment, internships and caring for the family. It can also help them take out quiet time to study.

The entire eLearning landscape around the globe is changing rapidly and new trends continue to emerge. Here are some emerging trends that will transform the Online Education Industry in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been the buzz word in the year 2018. It is gradually becoming an integral part of the e-learning ecosystem. As more AI educational solutions are coming into effect, it is predicted that AI can help fill need gaps in learning and teaching and allow schools and teachers to do more than ever before. With its remarkable role in augmenting the work of educators, and CBSE’s decision to introduce AI as a subject, it will be the game-changer trend of 2019.


Microlearning is clearly one of the most emerging trends of 2019. It is often referred to as bite-sized learning. It is a short learning nugget (three to five minutes in length, or shorter) designed to meet a specific learning outcome. While it can be used for formal training, it is majorly used in informal learning.

Microlearning nuggets are designed for and delivered in rich media formats. Their brevity and accessibility on multiple devices (including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops) make them an ideal fit for just-in-time training. Corporations can use microlearning for formal training as well as for learning on the job. Microlearning is ideal for distracted or busy corporate learners, as it gives them the opportunity to build their knowledge base when it’s most convenient for them

Personalized Learning

One size fits all is no more viable in the education industry. People now understand the importance of personalised learning. Implementing personalized learning in schools is a difficult task as teachers have to deal with a batch of 30-40 students at once. Giving each of them personal attention is not possible within an hour.

However, online education offers the freedom of customization the lesson according to the needs of the student. Today’s learners want a learning experience that fits their personal needs, learning speed, preferred learning style, and, most importantly, their learning pathway. Online edupreneurs are cashing into this trend, which is helping in fuelling their growth.

Cost Management Technologies

With an influx of educational technologies and increased adoption of Edtech in education institutes, entrepreneurs are coming up with more cost management technologies. This is done to strategize and plan their finances accordingly. Some of these technologies are Block-chain, Edge Computing, and Cloud-based technology. This year, we will be able to witness a significant integration of these technologies trending.

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