Top Five Food Kiosk Franchise you can start under 10 Lakhs

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Aug 03 2019 - 3 min read
Top Five Food Kiosk Franchise you can start under 10 Lakhs
Food kiosk is a small format that ensures higher returns on investment with franchising. Read on...

Small and quirky kiosks are the most spotted retail model in big shopping malls and high streets. One of the biggest advantages of a kiosk model for consumers is that one does not have to wait in queues for their order and that it is convenient for them to purchase items on-the-go with kiosks, especially in case of a food kiosk.

With the increasing footfall in the food kiosks, food entrepreneurs are more likely to throw tons of kiosks franchise opportunities for those who share the same passion for food business. Food kiosk is a small format that ensures higher returns on investment with franchising. Here are some of the best selling food kiosk franchises that can be started with an investment of less than Rs 10 lakhs.

Momo kiosk

Momo franchises are some of the greatest business opportunities in today’s time. Talking specifically about a momo kiosk, it can be a very lucrative business option as the biggest concerns of consumers such as hygiene and quality of momos can be resolved with a kiosk franchise of momos.

Another reason why momo kiosks could be a big hit is that it requires an easy investment range of Rs 5-10 lakhs for an area of 120 sq ft. And the Brownie point is – you can earn back this investment in less than 6 months!

Popcorn Kiosk

People like to munch on popcorns in their movie-time or whilst enjoying favourite sport tournament. Therefore, the trends on popcorns never fade in a small span of time. As popcorns are one of the most purchased snacks in shopping malls and multiplexes, popcorn brands are looking to start their kiosks’ franchise in every mall and multiplex for better exposure and expansion.

According to sources, a gourmet popcorn franchise can be started in a small investment of about Rs 2-3 lakhs, which includes the franchise fee and the other operational expenses such as equipment, furniture, fixtures, and advertising, and the breakeven period is just 6 months.

Juice Kiosk

Once being largely dominated by unorganised market, the concept of juice bars have now imbibed sophistication and are becoming what we call a ‘juice lounge’. There are a lot of juice kiosks that are making the market more organised. Juice kiosks franchises are an easy investment but highly-rewarding business model. The investment range of a juice kiosk starts from Rs 9 lakhs and ends up to Rs 12 lakhs for an area of 80-250 sq ft. The invested amount can be earned back in 12-18 months.

Ice-Cream Kiosk

Ice cream business is gaining momentum in the market due to new emerging flavours that never existed a few years back. As this business model shows its immense potential, a lot of restaurateurs are experimenting with the fresh concept of ice-cream parlor. Even big brands like Baskin Robbins are coming up with various franchise formats including kiosk model for aspiring franchises.

A kiosk franchise of ice-cream can be started in a minimum investment of Rs 10 Lakhs for an area of 112 sq ft. A minimum of 24 months can be anticipated as the probable period to expect return on investment for ice-cream kiosk.

Milkshake Kiosk

According to sources, milkshakes have gained popularity in India in the last two-three years and the high demand comes from locations where families reside, completely contrary to the notion that students or younger crowd consume such products. Milkshake kiosks are more often considered the best ways to attract consumers and are proved to be lucrative business opportunity due to its high footfall.

A milkshake kiosk can be started with a minimum investment of Rs 9 lakhs and can go up to Rs 30 lakhs depending upon the brand. The area of the kiosk is generally 120-300 sq ft and the probable payback period is 12- 24 months.



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