Top 8 Home-Based Business Ideas for Women

Vaishnavi Gupta
Vaishnavi Gupta Jun 10 2020 - 6 min read
Top 8 Home-Based Business Ideas for Women
When women think of starting the business, home-based business ideas are the first search for them as it helps them to get a work-life balance.

Home-Based Business Ideas for Women

At present, women are diving into the world of entrepreneurship than ever before. According to a study, it is revealed that about 8 million women have started or are running businesses. Entrepreneurship among women has been relatively common throughout history, but in recent times, every sector ranging from health to educational industries and even the franchising world is witnessing a crescendo of women entrepreneurs.

When women think of starting the business, home-based business ideas are the first search for them as it helps them to get a work-life balance. Here are the top 8 home business ideas for women.

Tuition Classes

Tuition classes and test preparation classes, the largest segment in parallel education is the most preferred home-based business idea. With minimal investment to begin, having a good infrastructure, well equipped with necessary props and apparatus relevant to modern-day learning techniques will give it an extra edge.

The inefficiency of schools in providing quality education and the inability of teachers to focus on each student in the classrooms, these two factors have given rise to the growth of tutorial service businesses. According to statistics, the global private tutoring market was estimated to surpass $96,218 million by 2017 and is expected to cross the mark of $177,621 million by 2026. Apparently, tuition services have a lot of potential all across the globe.

Tiffin Service

If you are a woman who loves cooking, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from becoming a food entrepreneur. Tiffin service is one of the most popular small business ideas for women. This business can be started in the comfort of your home as an area requirement for starting a tiffin service business is around 175-200 sq ft, with an investment of about Rs 2-5 lakh.

This business idea will work incredibly well among those people that are either working or studying away from their homes. The lack of home-made food eventually forces such people to look out for different options that can both suit their daily budget along with fulfilling their stomachs through regular meals. Through a tiffin-related business, entrepreneurs could target such an audience.

Beauty Salon

The salon industry is booming rapidly. It is dominated by women because they understand the business and they know how to grow it better. The salon is quite a lucrative segment that could help women entrepreneurs earn a good amount of money along with marking their presence in this competitive industry.

The beauty salon business idea is good for women who want to start a business as it can be opened on a small scale or after making a low investment for a small business set up. The salon business can be started from home. This business idea suits almost women of every age. On average, the investment required to start a salon business is around Rs 5-10 lakh.

Designer Boutique

If you want to express your personal ideas and creativity with love for fashion and styling, starting a Designer Boutique is the perfect option for you. These boutiques are always profitable no matter what. Clothing is always in demand since fashion changes every year and also people need to buy new clothes every time the season changes. So, a boutique is a good idea.

Things that will help you become a successful entrepreneur are a good sense of fashion, creativity, and business. The boutique business can be started from your home with just an investment of around Rs 50,000-Rs 2 lakh.

Laundry Business

Earlier, we were not even close to having an idea of proper laundry service in India. But now, there has been rapid growth in the laundry business in recent years, with an increasing number of working couples, hectic work schedules than ever before.

It is anticipated that by the end of 2020, more than three million households will need laundry services on a weekly basis. With this amount of market potential, it is viable to begin a laundry franchise business. This business can also be opened at your place by investing up to Rs 18 lakh. 

Pet Daycare

Day-care facilities for pets are becoming increasingly popular with pet owners realizing the benefits of leaving their beloved dogs at daycare with other dogs instead of home alone while they are at work. If you think that spending time with people’s pets all day while they’re at work sounds like a good time, you might consider starting a pet daycare business.

You can open the pet daycare facility at your home. In order to ensure your clients have all the creature comforts they're used to at home, these daycare spas can include water features, fenced outdoor space, and indoor couches. 

Yoga Studio

The value of the yoga industry in India is estimated to surpass $11.5 billion by 2020. Yoga can be practiced by people with different body sizes, shapes, ages as well as abilities. With yoga being an exceptionally effective method of exercise and spiritual release, owning a yoga studio is one of the most lucrative business opportunities. A person can never go wrong with setting up a good Yoga studio.

Starting a well-equipped yoga center business from your home doesn’t require a lot of capital; it can be opened with an investment of Rs 10-15 lakh.

Selling Beauty Products

Every woman dreams of being her own boss and beginning a business gives you the freedom to work for yourself and achieve your goals. In the business of beauty, who else understands the consumer better than a woman entrepreneur herself?

This industry is dominated by women because they understand the business. As per the industry sources, the beauty industry is growing at a rate of 20% per annum. Thus, it is deemed profitable to invest in the beauty industry.

So, if you are looking to start your own business, you can become a beauty consultant. Either you can dedicate yourself full time or run a business to make some extra money during your spare time. As a beauty consultant, you can order products at a reduced-price level and sell to customers at the catalog price and earn profits.

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