Top 8 Franchise Opportunities You Can Grab Under 10 Lakhs

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya Oct 05 2019 - 6 min read
Top 8 Franchise Opportunities You Can Grab Under 10 Lakhs
For those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to take on a tried-and-tested business model, here are top 10 franchise opportunities you can grab under Rs10 lakhs.

Franchise Business Opportunities Under 10 Lakhs

For most amateur business people, starting a small business is like taking a leap of faith as you always fear of loads of risks involved. There could be financial, competitive, reputational, legal, strategic and all other kinds of risks in an independent business. However, buying a franchised store can help you in avoiding risks involved.

Most franchise opportunities are low-cost investment opportunities with higher returns. So, even in comparatively lower investment, one can become a successful and established entrepreneur. How about a mere investment of Rs 10-lakh and a business of worth crores?

For those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and want to take on a tried-and-tested business model, here are top 10 franchise opportunities you can grab under Rs10 lakhs.

  1. Ice-Cream Parlor

In a hot tropical country like India, ice-cream can never go out of demand. Ice-cream parlours are one of the most rewarding business ideas in today’s time. In a small area of 200-400 sq ft, one can start their ice-cream parlour with basic equipment and a few staffing in least investment. As people in small towns have limited investment with them due to lack of resources, a franchise brand can easily help entrepreneurs in growing a business with minimal investment in an ice cream parlour.

As per sources, big brands like Thancos Natural and Frost and Feather offer franchise opportunity in an investment of Rs 10-20 lakhs.

  1. Laundry Service

Believe it or not, laundry service is hectic work, and everyone who does it definitely wants to get rid of it.A big reason for the growth of laundry businesses (apart from the hard work that laundry related activities involve) is the changing lifestyle patterns wherein people do not have the time to do their laundry. With the advent of the startup culture, the laundry business sector has become mainstream and business ideas like UClean are becoming quite popular among the millennial. UClean also offers franchise opportunities in minimal investment.

  1. Pre Schools

In the early times, grandma, grandpa and nannies were often made the caretakers of children when their parents were away. But, in the past few decades, preschools have marked their presence in the education industry. Pre-schools not just take care of the children but also ensure that students polish their cognitive skills while playing in the pre-school. 

With franchising being a low-cost model, big fishes in the preschool market like Shanti Juniors and Wonderkids are opting for franchise model to penetrate deeper into the market, including small towns in tier II and III, hence flourishing franchise opportunities in the segment. One can start a preschool franchise in an investment of Rs 5-10 lakhs.

  1. Repair Service

We live in a world where every brand markets its product as the most durable product that exists. But it’s next to impossible to have a product that doesn’t require repairing and maintenance at some point of time. This is why the repairing industry is considered as one of the biggest recession-proof industries in any economy.

The repair service market is very cluttered and unorganised, thanks to small shops and service centres existing in the market. As a matter of fact, these small businesses could be turned into successful business ideas even with small investments. Brands like Phixman are looking for like-minded franchisees and have kept a minimal amount of investment to entice them.

  1. Pet Care

The diverse segments of this industry are pet food, pet accessories, pet grooming and pet healthcare. While pet food is the major segment in India that has captured more than two-thirds of the market revenues, people in urban and elite areas are splurging on pet accessories, grooming and healthcare services. The target audiences are mainly from the monetarily strong middle class, and due to their increasing affordability and interest in owning pets, the prices are kept at a premium with an assurance of top-of-the-class services and products.

Bonbeno, a pioneering retail brand in pet care industry, which deals with pet food, pet grooming and pet accessories, is a franchise brand that offers franchise opportunities under Rs 10 Lakhs for those who consider pet-care as their passion.

  1. Security and Surveillance

The video surveillance market in India is witnessing an exponential growth as the security concerns of the nation needs to be looked after. The government is urging more and more installation of CCTVs in every area possible – from streets to local shops – to ensure the safety of general public. With such a huge demand, the industry is all set to reach greater heights in the near future and ensures a promising future ahead for entrepreneurs in the field.

Vicom is one of the biggest brands in India that work on a franchise model in this segment has require investment of just Rs 2-5 lakhs.

  1. Tea Cafe

Indians are obsessed with chai (as tea is normally referred to in India), so much so that mornings start with a good hot cuppa and the rest happens over it. Despite having such a big potential as a market, it is surprising that there was not an organised tea café business in the country. Local tea shops that are set in nooks and corners enjoyed hegemony in India until a few business-minded people noticed the potential of tea cafés.

Brands like Chai Sutta Bar, Chai Chun and Kadak Special are ruling the tea cafe scenario in India and all of these offer franchises for just Rs 10 Lakhs.

  1. Herbal Products

Herbal Products are ancient healing tools with important modern applications. Consumers worldwide prefer herbal beauty products such as skin care products, hair care products, make-up products and others. The Indian beauty industry has seen huge growth in the last 10 years, simply by paying close attention to its shoppers’ needs. The market share for herbal beauty products has been increased considerably as compared to synthetic beauty products. 

Body care has been franchising since 2015 and has set a bar for herbal products’ industry as it has been a pioneer since then. It offers franchise opportunities in a minimal investment range of Rs 10-20 lakhs.


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