Top 6 Best Business to Start in India Under Rs.5 Lakhs

Rishabh Sharma
Rishabh Sharma Dec 30 2020 - 5 min read
Top 6 Best Business to Start in India Under Rs.5 Lakhs
If you are looking for business ideas to invest in under Rs.5 lakhs, there are a lot of options available for you. Read on to know more.

‘Earning huge profits requires serious investment’ it’s a known misconception among people. It's definitely not the case if you know the basics of business opportunities that can be started with a little initial investment. Entrepreneurs are always in search of the best small investment business ideas capable of generating huge profits in less time. They search for every possible way to have the business run smoothly and increase revenue. At last, profitability is the end goal for all. In this article, we will talk about the Best business to start in India under Rs. 5lakhs.

Where everyone wants to start their own venture and make money rather than working in a cubicle under the boss’s thumb. You may go through a lot of business ideas every time, but there are times when those ideas lack proper guidance. As a result, you end up switching plans or giving up a business idea. This is the period where most entrepreneurs struggle to find a balance and grow their business. Determination and confidence are the things that need before stepping into a business. You have to clear your thoughts about your business idea before you begin any business venture.

Nowadays, people are looking for small-scale opportunities with less competition in the market. Those businesses can generate huge turnovers. ‘Return on Investment’ is the major factor in setting up any kind of business. Ultimately it’s a weighing scale for all, it decides whether to go further with the business or not. Here we have a list of the Best business to start in India under Rs. 5lakhs.


1. Yoga and Meditation Center

Everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle nowadays and for doing so they take the time out from their hectic schedules and join yoga and meditation centers. These Yoga and meditation center will help people to fight with all the never-ending stress of their lives. Apart from that, it also a very profitable business idea. The investment will just be a good place to work with and some workers for assistance. You can also hire an expert professional if you don’t have proper knowledge of Yoga and meditation. The whole setup of yoga and meditation center can cost around Rs. 4-5 lakhs(approximately).

2. Tuition centers

Opening tuition centers are one of the most cost-effective businesses to do, due to its near-zero starting cost requirement. Most tutors take classes in their own homes, thus eliminating the costs of rents and other expenses. The only thing you have to do for more exposure is to advertise yourself on social media or go the old school way with flyers and ‘word-of-mouth’ recommendations. As mentioned above it’s quite cost-effective, launching a tuition center can cost around Rs.5-10 thousand(approximately).

3. Driving School

To start this business, you yourself have to be an expert in driving. All you need is some cars and a good team of professional drivers and experts who can teach driving lessons. You can teach your friends, neighbors, etc. if they want to learn driving and make some money. Sometimes people even bring their own vehicle and ask people to teach them driving. You can also start this business on a small scale by giving driving lessons on rented vehicles and make high profits. Thus driving school can be a great business idea with the investment of Rs. 4-5 lakhs(approximately).

4. E-commerce Websites

Today, most of the population is shifting toward online shopping rather than going to market physically. It is the easiest way of shopping and getting the best product from a vast variety of options available on the internet. Products can be delivered, at your doorstep from thousands of miles away. You should have a proper website for the products you want to sell and there you go. This business can cost you around Rs. 2-4 lakh(approximately).

5. Mechanical / Electrical Works

As we are moving forward in time and enhancing our technologies simultaneously, we end up getting our mechanical and electrical goods damaged or broke. For the same needs, setting up a garage for servicing vehicles, repairing all the mechanical and electrical gadgets can be a good business to start with minimum investment. Although, this idea includes some investment yet the profit accrued is always higher. Investments in the mechanical and electrical shop can cost you around Rs. 4-5 lakhs(approximately).

6. Web Designing

It is a good business to start with low investment these services are the most needed as the E-commerce sector is booming nowadays. The investments are only in the form of getting a laptop or PC and stable Internet networks. You can go with this business idea when you are equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and experience needed in this segment. You can also do it as a freelance web designer with having your job side by side to make some extra bucks. This profession pays dearly to those who provide the best web designing services and sometimes your skills in web development decide your pay scale for projects you undertake. This profession can cost you about Rs. 1-3 lakh(approximately).

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