Top 5 Ways to Identify Potential Consumers

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 15 2018 - 3 min read
Top 5 Ways to Identify Potential Consumers
Some startups even fail to launch them properly, which is why they do not stand the chance to meet the customers’ eyes and face the downfall too soon.


For any business, the basic rule is to sell your product to your customer. While, finding the right customer, who will benefit your business is the most difficult task.

But a new startup business might not find it easy to acquire or impress a certain number of customers. Some startup businesses even fail to launch properly, which is why they do not stand the chance to meet the customers’ eyes and face the downfall too soon.

Here are a few steps to help startups identify their potential customers:

Market Study:

A thorough market study and time is required to identify the potential customers for your product or service.

The legwork will let you identify the loopholes, faults, and defects within your own product, which you might be missing. It will help in connecting with the customers and forming a bond.

Rivals’ Methods and Products:

Before you set foot in the market, there exists a huge customer base, which is being taken care of by your rivals. Unless you identify your rivals and figure out your rivals’ methods, you won’t be able to come out with a better product in the market.

Know your rivals’ strategies and methods and adopt the ones, you find helpful. This will help in developing a better product in the market, which indirectly will attract more customers.

Networking and Referrals:

Use your network in spreading the word about your product, let them use the free samples and give honest feedback, as well as to spread the word among their friends.

Ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues to use the reference of the product in their conversations during the gatherings or get together, this way the product will reach to some of the potential customers.

Advertisements and Marketing:

Advertisements through different media will help in letting the mass about the existence of your product.

A large number of crowds get exposed to these ads through big banners, television, radio, and hoardings at different intervals on road. Try to come up with scripts which will connect with the customers. These are small time investments, which will repay later with profits.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media has made its presence felt by almost everyone in the country, which is why the online ads are making and meeting a lot of customers through various ads being displayed on their screen.

If you are going to open an e-commerce site to sell your product or service, then you can share your ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

Make sure to respond to email queries and take the feedback with an open heart, this will help in making a bond with the customer. This will also make the customer feel important and will remain true to your product or service.

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