Top 5 Marketing Strategies, Brands Can Play This Holi

Nibedita Mohanta
Nibedita Mohanta Mar 01 2018 - 3 min read
Top 5 Marketing Strategies, Brands Can Play This Holi
An opportunist looks for occasions, where he/she can cash out of the moment with a gush of fresh ideas and being the first one to deliver to the audience.


Festivals are the best times to make money, this is the time when brands unfold their best cards to attract more customers and increase the sales.

Marketing strategies if played well can pay off brilliantly. But to execute them in time and to enjoy the benefits, brands are advised to start preparing beforehand or else everything becomes clumsy, which might cost the brands doubly.

Here are a few marketing strategies for brands during this Holi:


Oppurtunists look for occasions, where they can cash out of the moment with a gush of fresh ideas and being the first one to deliver to the audience.

Advertisement videos, especially television or simply YouTube videos can be the best thing to get desired attention from the crowd.

A small story revolving around a social issue, attached with essence Holi and the brand will fetch more views, likes and clicks on online channels.

Offer and Discounts:

Brands such as spas, salons, laundry services overflow with offers and discounts to attract more customers towards their brand.

This actually works because Holi is all about colors and after effects are more dangerous than good, which is why people will spend on spas and salons.

It is advised that brands should also offer family combos, prior to the occasion because it becomes difficult to handle a crowd in one day. You are likely to lose out customers if you do not take care of customers well during those offers and discount showering days.


E-commerce sites can declare sale for 3-4 days including before and after Holi to avail maximum benefits.

People actually look for such sales to happen, so that they can buy gifts for their near and dear ones.

Study days that when people get to do shopping at the comfort of their homes, or during weekend outings with family, they are likely to buy fresh products along with the products displayed under sales category.

It is a good way to push old products off the shelf and replace them with new ones.

Customized Gifts:

We all want to gift our friends and family something with a pinch of their choice and our choice put together in a package, this where customized gifts market is growing.

In occasions such as Holi, when there are already a lot of work to do, people do not prefer to indulge themselves in the hassle of coming up with DIY gifts. This is why they land up at places which can customize things according to their choice or taste.

Rather than waiting for customers to line up on Holi, it is advised to prepare sample items beforehand so that customers can easily select and buy as many as they want.

Partner with Movies:

There is a tradition which is followed by Indian Cinema, they release a big budget movie in every national occasion. Brands can partner with the movie or sponsor and can organize a couple of promotional events for them, or can start an online competition such as winning movie tickets or start autographed merchandise.

This is one of the marketing strategies which never fail to make a mark on audience’s memory.

This Holi, brands can take help of these marketing strategies to make a lasting impression on both customers and investors.

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