Tips to Read Faster, Better and Accurate

Abhishek Kumar Singh
Abhishek Kumar Singh Aug 16 2021 - 5 min read
Tips to Read Faster, Better and Accurate
Understanding the importance of reading, we research and summarised this topic into some important tips to follow for and focused and better reading habit.

We, humans, are amazingly curious by nature. This curiosity led to all the important discoveries of human civilisation. It also shows our eagerness towards knowing this world. An average human lives 79 years and learns different things in his lifespan. He tries to find out how and why things happen. Sometimes it gets impossible to quell all curious questions in our temporary life, so people started noting down things and passing them to their successors. These Ideas helped them to learn things easily and they saved much time by not doing the same research again and again.

Reading books is one of the most important things to do for learning. Reading is the best to gather information. In this fast forward world, we cannot just sit and learn an entire book on a specific topic. Most of the teens and even people in middle age find it hard to finish an eighty-page book in a month or two. People fall asleep or get distracted by other things while reading. Understanding the importance of reading, we research and summarised this topic into some important tips to follow for and focussed and better reading habit.

Don’t Make Eminent Goals

No one knows you better than you, so understand your ability and decide goals accordingly. Large goals have risks to horrify instead of motivation. Always ask yourself about can you finish this thing in desired time. If you don’t get any satisfactory answers, just reduce the task to a smaller level. Completing these slight tasks helps you to get knowledge, and it also motivates for levelling up.

Stop the Inner Oration

Do you read aloud in your mind while reading? Or you just keep revising all the text while reading. By not speaking the words in your mind, you can save a lot of time while reading. Our mouth can speak only 130 words in a minute, but eyes can do this a lot faster. If you manage not to revise words in your mind while reading, it will give you more accuracy and pace.


Always try to group sentences into two to five-word groups. Your subconscious mind will soon start processing information at a sharp speed by doing this. You cannot read words one by one if you want to read fast. Word grouping also helps the mind in making the information saved for a long.

Use a Timer and a Marker

The easiest way to get paced success is to learn by mistakes. You can use a timer to find out your average reading time. Monitoring yourself will help you find the problem that comes while reading. If you are someone who keeps jumping on other lines by mistake, use a marker to know which line you are reading. You can use a book or an ATM card to remember where you are. This habit of keeping a marker will help you a lot.

Work On Improving Your Vocabulary

How many times did you just stick to an “alien” word and could not read further? This happens because of the short vocabulary. To overcome this problem makes a continuous habit of reading a lot. You can also get a good dictionary to learn unfamiliar words for easy help.

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Read Books Which You Enjoy

Most people stop reading a book because they lose interest in that specific topic. That is why you should buy a book in which you are interested. If you are a newbie or someone with a little knowledge about books, go for some thriller or adventure novel. You can also try short stories to heighten your reading ability and get some extra interest. 

Always Have Some Books Handy

If you think you waste a lot of time on unimportant activities, you should always carry a book. Whenever you get some spare minutes, start reading. Having a book will remind you to read and learn in your free time. You can also use technology to your advantage. Carrying multiple e-books is far more comfortable than getting pressed under the pile of physical books.

Borrow Reading Time

Most people do less important things as compared to reading. You can easily skip playing a game of LUDO or music time to get some extra reading time. This extra time will work as a bonus for your reading journey. Many people and groups organise reading challenges. You can easily find and join these types of clubs to trigger yourself toward reading. Joining a book club is also a better option to get books without actually paying for them.

Create a Reading Environment

A distraction-free environment plays a very important role in reading. Suppose you started reading and got a call from someone. Your reading mood will automatically get distracted by the call. To overcome the problem, create a social media free, a bit isolated and silent environment. Reading at the time of travelling or before bed can be an option.

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