Tips to engage customer while taking services at your salon and spa

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Guest Author Sep 29 2017 - 5 min read
Tips to engage customer while taking services at your salon and spa
Keeping customer engaged by pampering them with in-between services is the sure-shot way used by salon and spa professionals. Here are some latest tips to keep your client happy while waiting for next therapy or service.

As technology is gripping consumers by offering instant and adequate details about services, along with multiple options provided through varied channels, customer engagement has become a serious business in wellness industry.

The new-age customers of the beauty and wellness industry have turned smart enough to compare prices on single click of button and have become highly selective about the quality of services they are spending their hard-earned money on. They form impressions from every encounter and post serious opinions online. They no longer limited their selection of spa or salon on the basis of their friends and family’s suggestion. In fact, they rather look for genuine stranger’s reviews online for spas and salons.

Thus, it is now more important than ever before, to increase customer engagement and encourage genuine feedback (of course also act on it) to retain your loyal customers as well as bring new members or guests to your doorstep. Here is some sure-shot easy tips to engage your clients while taking their phones away from their reach while bridging the gap of in-between services in salons and spas.


Right attitude
Inspiring the Right Attitude in all the staff equally is important. The hands and faces that would serve your client are the ones that should be given adequate vocational training to be able to communicate well with the clients. Be it your cleaner, receptionist, therapist or any other service providers, everyone should be soft spoken, pampering and ready to serve the client, the way they want.

Never sale
Take and make note of the guest’s email-id ONLY to stay in touch with them for their birthdays or any grand events like to announce or inform them about your new outlet opening in the area near to their resident or probably to share details of anything new being introduced in the outlet. However, always remember, Not to send emails which may sound more like a sales offer. This might end up ‘moved to trash’ by them and may leads no more going to the same place for services.

First ask
The moment you receive a new visitor, who may show interest towards seeing all the therapy rooms or other service areas in your salon/spa, take them for a show-around to help them get an idea of what they are getting into. Implement a salon / spa tour to make your new client familiar with your outlet and help them with adequate info related with the spa or salon. In fact, take their feedback positively to improve your spa/salon on the lines of hygiene, architecture and to modify as per their requirements. This will make the new client feel over-whelmed and valuable new member and force them to re-visit with more friends and relatives. 

Be polite
Do reply to all comments and reviews online. But don’t leave any negative revert un-answered. BE POLITE and thankful in your selection of words to make your client feel special and valuable.

Service industry is meant to help the client relax, rejuvenate and leave with a bright smile. Put your customer at ease by establishing contact with a smile and 'hello' as they enter in your salon or spa. Leave everything you are doing and ensure adequate CARE [Customers Are Really Everything]. Never pay attention only to the one who is taking high-priced multiple services from you, ignoring a regular client who takes only one or two services regularly as they might end up putting a full-stop at your doorstep from their end, forcing their peer group people with the same.

Wow your customer!
The smaller details matter more. Thus, keeping free candies at the reception, often asking for coffee / fresh juice etc,. before and after the service may not only fascinate the consumer, but engage them well for their next service. Subscribe trendy beauty & wellness magazines to keep in the waiting area. Moreover, ensure that your reception and waiting area is neat and fresh by regularly cleaned by house-keeping staff. If possible, install an air-purifier or earthy essential oil dispenser to keep the ambience fragrant. In fact, changing the fragrance in span of few weeks would be a thumbs-up. This is for repeat customers to notice difference and value your thought of keeping a watch over minor details like these.

Immediate Response to queries is appreciated, even if you do not have an answer to it. You may say that you’ll get back after checking with the concerned department, than must get back to them with a smart answer. If required, you may politely say ‘I’m sorry’, we are unable to help you in this regard’. You must complete the circle of request. It’s a must.

Assess & act
Don't bamboozle them with information they didn't asked for -like unnecessary offers and discounts or even giving them explanation of your new membership offer. ASSESS, only if the client is willing to make conversation during the service, at that point ACT on it by talking about discount.

Return customers
Pamper your customers new and old by giving them free discount coupons for next service or may share some small product samples, giving a few minutes of free head or foot massage may also prove impressive. This will cost you time and not money, but will convert your new or existing customers into regular or brand loyal customers.

Greet & introduce
Always let the person who GREETS the visitor/client, introduce them properly to the stylist/masseuse who is going to be serving them.



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