This Is Why Beauty Industry Should Go Eco-Friendly

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Sep 04 2018 - 1 min read
This Is Why Beauty Industry Should Go Eco-Friendly
The wonderful world of beauty and makeup is something on which people spend millions every year. However, there is a dark secret behind this glowing limelight. Unwanted materials costing plenty are being wasted by the makeup industry every year. Here is how the Eco-friendly trend came up.

Makeup industry has been witnessing enormous pressure on dealing with this issue. With each courier party contributing to make the process more eco-friendly, it’s time for the beauty community to contribute. They need to understand the amount of waste they are producing, which could be stopped through several innovative techniques.

Recycled Packaging

A common issue of every industry is its packaging. It has been a hot topic for decades, which needs to be dealt with. With the environment condition getting worse, the beauty industry should think about recycled packaging.

Companies such as Lush are tackling the situation by offering naked packaging,  eradicating the issue altogether. They are providing reusable pots that can be returned for free product. It's lowering the amount of waste produced, helping to keep the brand eco-friendly.

Removing packaging where not required

When occasions or festivals are around, the gift sets in the form of beauty products start being shipped in an incredible amount. It results in a lot of wasted space and material which is an issue to consider. This kind of packaging could either be reduced in size or taken out completely in order to reduce the waste that is created around.

Beauty industrialists could provide re-usable packages such as bags or decorative boxes, encouraging the buyer to hold on to the packaging. Thus, buyers can utilize it over and over again, along going eco-friendly.      

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