This is how content marketing may lift your online presence one notch up

Niharika Verma
Niharika Verma Sep 29 2017 - 4 min read
This is how content marketing may lift your online presence one notch up
Well executed Content Marketing coupled with smart eCommerce is the key to ensuring adequate engagement between brands and consumers at multiple touch points throughout the purchase cycle.

The growing rage of digitisation in almost every sphere of business has given birth to Content Marketing, which is the key to success for online ventures. And, in the wellness industry, apart from the word-of-mouth publicity and quality assurance, content plays a pivotal role in buying consumers for your products or services.

In the current phase, Indian brands are creating way more content than ever before. This is particularly applicable during the festive season, when online product brands step up content marketing to elevate themselves in consumers' minds.

For instance, brands like Myntra, Dabur NewU and Nykaa.com are using content to engage consumers, build traction for their portals and ultimately boost sales. In fact, yet another big example of the same is Hindustan Unilever which has the BeBeautiful.in hub that layers together a wealth of health and beauty content with relevant products, in order to create real value for its consumers.

Surreal, luring yet lucrative content convinces consumers to invest in high price services without thinking twice. However, you need to master the art of convincing clients with the right usage of words.

Here are 7 ways you can exploit Content Marketing to gain larger footfall and publicity in Indian wellness industry.

1. No room for errors

In the space of content marketing, even a tiniest grammatical error may cost you big. Thus, it is advisable by all the experts to ensure that your copy is free of grammatical errors, formatting discrepancies, spelling mistakes and is of top quality. In fact, a scrappy, untidy copy with repetitive content may earn you negative publicity, which is devastating.

2. Audience centric content

To reap benefits of content marketing, it is extremely essential that you understand your audience well and offer them something of their interest to read about. Thus, it is essential to learn the art of pleasing your target consumers by keeping the tone of your content varying from formal or chic to trendy or conversational. In fact, these days, consumers feel happy if they can relate themselves with the content. So, design your content accordingly.

3. Careful selection of medium

These days, there are multiple mediums of content marketing or communications that are prevalent in the market. Your sales collaterals will change as accordance to the medium you’re using. A long feature article is good for a print channel, while the online/ digital space demands crisp and regular updates, that too at regular intervals. And, for the visual mediums like Broadcast network or YouTube promotions, you must use short, catchy yet to-the-point content which may convey the right message to the larger audience in no time.

4. Clarity in expression

Do you think using callous tone/language is cool? Well, you must re-think. There is major difference in what we speak and what we write, that too, when you’re writing for your brand’s promotion. Thus, it is essential to be picky about your content as your perspective and repeat clients will form their opinion about your brand on the basis of what you say and how you say it. Words create magic if used in right way and may turn devastating if used in the wrong way. So it’s good to be choosy.

5. Be a step ahead of your competitor

To remain ahead in the game, you must keep track of your competing brand. But, never copy or remain on the same scale of content promotion as your competitors are. Always think ahead and remain aggressive to offer innovation to your consumers. Essentially, you must avoid repeating what other brands are doing and risking getting sued. In fact, churning out bang-on buffer period would be a good way to stay ahead in the market.

6. Plan your investment for content

To execute the above mentioned points, you must plan and keep certain portion of investment towards content marketing. Also, strategising your investment plans to devote a content marketing professional in the team won’t be a bad investment plan. A dedicated and skilled professional will help you gain edge over the above mentioned points too.

7. Smart Content Management

The key to success lies in the ‘ability to delivering more in less’. Executing the right content plan that too with limited usage of words is the trick of the trade and if you understand it well, you’re the next game changer. Producing endless pages of content may not interest your target audience. Anyways, these days, consumers have enough options to switch to and they don’t like wasting time on reading content of one brand. Thus, it is advisable that you MUST curate and schedule your content smartly to win larger consumers.


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