This Is How Competency-Based Learning Sector Is Under Constant Expansion

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Dec 01 2018 - 2 min read
This Is How Competency-Based Learning Sector Is Under Constant Expansion
The Indian education system is welcoming several new approaches towards enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

Competency-based learning is a new approach that educators are opting for enhancing their education services. This approach focuses on the learning and teaching knowledge and training that fine grain skills for the development process of people.

The rapidly expanding private sector is forcing workplace franchisors to opt for new approaches, enhancing their staff’s productivity. Currently, workplace franchisors could be seen bringing strong employable development in the workplace for future requirements.

A healthy economy is one with enough employment opportunities and enough skilled job seekers. 65% of India's population falls in the working age group. However, only 10% of the workforce is in the organized sector and just 2.5% of our working population has undergone any competency-based skilling.

On the other hand, the industry is always looking for the "right" people and there are thousands of job seekers not being able to get the "right" jobs. The problem in India is not that of unemployment but unemployability and low minimum wages as usually people end up on a profession for the sake of survival.

Competency-based learning is widely accepted as an alternative to traditional education. The learning provides credits through the skills and knowledge that are required for a particular job role. In addition, it also focuses on learning outcomes and individual assessment results.


The primary belief is that a graduate learning through the competency-based system not just knows about a particular subject but can work on the same. Competencies need to be developed, learned, re-learned, and certified.


Developing a competency-based framework is one of the most important aspects of determining the quality of the students. Identifying learning outcomes, understanding of the knowledge and acquiring requisite skills define the "Quality" of the student.


Competency-based assessments are an essential part of any successful learning program. They allow institutes to improvise on their learning initiatives, enhance productivity and fill the gap between knowing and doing. These assessments should be able to derive student wise skill competencies and capabilities to perform varied tasks.


The focus of competency-based learning should primarily be on what and how the student learns rather than how much a student learns. Learning happens through various methods such as classroom, hands-on practical, industry on the job learning and many others. Such learning is well-defined, fixed and outcome driven.

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