This Is How Beer Franchisors Can Contribute To The Transforming Beer Industry

Shahram Warsi
Shahram Warsi Sep 26 2018 - 2 min read
This Is How Beer Franchisors Can Contribute To The Transforming Beer Industry
The expanding global beer industry is a million-dollar market in today’s time.

Although being a relatively mature market, beer industry always carries opportunity for young entrepreneurs with new and unique ideas. Also, the active presence of millennial in today’s time has forced the industry to innovate more in the same field, to meet the customers' demand.

With the products ranging from light to premium and super premium beers, franchisors are coming up with new concepts appearing in the market all the time.

Franchisors, who are willing to make their career in this segment can undergo deep research on such beer products, followed by the market presence and competitions.

Kaustubh Naik, Owner, Retox shares, "Beer-tail is a unique addition to our menu making it more interesting. We were the first to serve beer cocktail in Pune and slowly the trend is catching up locally."


According to the report, India Beer Market Overview, 2018-2023, The Indian Alcoholic beverages market observed the highest market share of Whisky which is followed by brandy & beer. Being third in the Indian alcohol beverages market, Indian Beer market has a market share of 17%.

The rise in disposable income

The rise in disposable income of Indian population has somewhere led the consumers to shift from standard beers to premium and craft beers. The population is turning more brand conscious, offering numerous business opportunities to entrepreneurs.

The contribution of the millennial group

Did you notice the rising number of bars and pubs within the past few years in India?

It’s mainly because of the ever-changing expectations from the rising millennial of our country.

These groups are willing to pay for the experiences, allowing the beer franchisors to experiment more with their products and offerings.

Therefore, if you are willing to make your career in the beer business, innovation might work as the success mantra. If you are offering different experience as compared to other brands, customers will eventually end up stepping at your door.

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