Things to Consider Before Taking a Leap in the Online Space

Sneha Santra
Sneha Santra Dec 24 2018 - 4 min read
Things to Consider Before Taking a Leap in the Online Space
A clear vision, enabling strategy and ongoing roadmap to adopt new technologies is crucial for every business in today’s information-based world

The influx of globalization and digitalisation has brought in a great opportunity for fashion business across the country.  In fact by 2020 most fashion purchases will drive through online, either for intent or actual purchase. With customer value proposition gravitating towards convenience, it is imperative to business to tweak their strategies. While it certainly does not mean that brick and mortar stores will vanish or lose their importance rather it paves the way for the business to tap new segments of customers, improve efficiency, and eventually lead to a better realisation of revenue and profit. This is more so true in the case of new business or offline business. Hence a clear vision, enabling strategy and ongoing roadmap to adopt new technologies is crucial for every business in today’s information-based world.

For the business who are planning to take a leap in the online space Mr Ramesh Kaushik, Vice President, Brand Experience, Blackberrys menswear, share a few insights and recommendations

A strategic e-commerce plan: 

Like any other segment, a strategic plan works for online transitions as well. Heading from offline to online and diving directly to the website design is a sign of a temporary approach. Taking time and delving into your e-commerce strategy and planning, will surely lead to a smooth transition. In addition to this, a well-planned strategy helps to avoid chaos at the initial stage and pilot to determine online customers, their nature, marketing activities and content will certainly help. A well thought out fulfilment approach, with customer-centricity at the core, is a must-have for this channel.

Major Player in the transition, Website: For any e-commerce and online business, a website is the building-blocks in the entire process. It is, in fact, the virtual face of your brick and mortar store; hence it is imperative to be paying extra attention and efforts to it. To begin with, it involves multiple layers to develop a website that has ease of navigation, a message for the recipient and a call to action, keeping the audience in mind. Where the design and structure of the website should be eye soothing and user-friendly to grab the attention and ensure longer stay while generating curiosity to explore what’s next.  Besides the design and structure, what customers are ‘looking for’ is the must-to add categories in the website. The basis on this, build an effective product page of your services.

Be on the right platform: Choosing a right platform is a feather in your cap! With the umpteen platforms available, a business must seek the ‘One’ that becomes the masterstroke in the transition. Extract the right media platform depending on the nature of the business that shall meet the required demand, focuses on your target audience and their needs. Opting for the suitable platform could either be an e-commerce site of your own or online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra and social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

Content is the king: With the emerging online business; everyone wants to stand unique in their domain and good content can certainly help you achieve that extra edge. A good content entitles the image of your brand. Having strategic planning will assist you to well define your content for the launch of the website.

Unique storytelling content on the website about the brand story and its product categories should be short.  Avoid using repetitive or lengthy content.

Keep improvising and keep servicing consumer through your digital footprints: Once your website is launched, take a sigh of relief, you did it! But this doesn’t mean to take a setback. In this ever-evolving industry, we see new trends arising now and then. For this, there are certain metrics to keep the website functional throughout the trends. The website needs fresh content and technically update-to-date to avoid glitch for the customers. Thus, one can always improve their website. Not only this, the communication that resides on the website has to match the brand footprints on other digital platforms be it social or professional or blogs and otherwise. A consistent message all across, with an ever-evolving approach, goes a long way in ensuring brand stickiness.

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