These 7 ways can enhance the customer relationship for your brand

Madhusree Chowdhury
Madhusree Chowdhury Nov 14 2017 - 4 min read
These 7 ways can enhance the customer relationship for your brand
It is paramount for any brand to maintain a healthy customer relationship. It not only enhances the brand image, but also creates a positive atmosphere for the clinent. Here are 7 ways to maintain it.

A study done by the Bloomberg Businessweek has revealed that the best strategy to pull and retain a high volume of customers is via a designed customer experience. These days, not only good products will do the trick, you also need to focus on the better interest of the mass by addressing their issues and solving them.

This same strategy is undoubtedly top ranked by the marketing experts in the leading companies. It is very necessary to keep the brand image intact in the customer’s mind by availing them a great experience after buying a product or hiring a service.

There are few ways that you can follow to come up with an exclusive customer relationship management platform to benefit your business in the wellness industry.

Client database creation
Ask yourself a simple question. How can you build a relationship when you do not have proper contact information?  This is why every business should maintain a clarified client database to maintain a proper communication channel. This database will aid the business to go beyond and post-sale activities to build a foundation. By taking permission, you can ask about personal information of the clients. You can use the info and send letters regarding new deals, newsletters, discount coupons, loyalty cards, etc and make a huge impact.

Building a network
The list of clients you have is the number you have reached. There are many other ways to increase customer relationship and convert them to expand your database. Whether you own an online or offline shop, always intend to reach out and provide useful information of product they need. It does not matter whether they buy or not, you need to take a step forward and let them know how eager you are to help. In this context, leads can be converted into customers by providing a proper platform to avail your products. Make people aware of your business as much as possible to build a network.

There will be different types of customers in your list. Do not make a rookie mistake of treating them in a similar way. You need to categorize them based on their loyalty. After proper analyzing, most of the businesses reveal that almost 80% of the sales are provided by 25% of the customers. You need to allocate your essential resources effectively. Do a perfect analysis and segregate the customers as per their loyalty and degree of buying. Now focus on your marketing strategies to make a better impact and retain your database.

Maintain communication
Do not let the customers forget your brand. You need to maintain the channel of communication in a subtle way. Building good and long-lasting relationship takes time. Sending short messages, emails, and other promotional materials from time to time will do the trick. You can also add a note of gratitude after every sale. Answer their questions and solve their issues posted on the social media and make a good publicity. Just keep in mind that if you are not talking to your clients, your competitors are.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Nowadays, intelligent software platforms are available which can make your customer relationship venture a cakewalk. You can save a lot of time and resources by introducing CRM software and maintain a proper communication channel. Sending birthday or anniversary greeting notes to thousands of customers can be a hectic job. Let the automated platform handle it and provide you with its benefits. NetSuite is efficient ERP software that can be used in this purpose.

Start a reward plan
The best way to retain the loyalty of a customer is to reward them for their repeat buying decisions. When they are showing their trust by coming back, you need to take a step forward and provide benefits to them too. Set a reward plan for the repeat customers and turn them into loyal ones.

Addressing problems
Address the problems of the customers and try to gain their trust on the social media platforms. This act will not only maintain loyalty, but also elevate your brand image. A quick and positive response against a customer complaint can be very effective in maintaining a proper customer relationship.

Follow these seven tips to create a proper customer relationship program and enhance your business.

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