These 5 Startups are set to spice up the organic industry

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 01 2018 - 4 min read
These 5 Startups are set to spice up the organic industry
Crediting the ‘Make in India’ campaign, many entrepreneurs have taken full advantage of the opportunity. Here are 5 startups dreaming big in the organic industry.

Organic food is the latest trend that has gained favor in the food market. Like the rest of the world, the organic market in India has witnessed a substantial growth soon after it was introduced in 2010-2011.

The Known And Unknown List Of Organic Start-ups
A very recent survey done by the officials show that the organic food market would be growing at an astronomical percent of 25% within 2021 only. The vast growth being witnessed, by and large, because of the support presented before the organic brands and the willing of the population to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the list of organic start-ups

Organic Shop
Manuj Terapanthi, Founder, started the initiative as an effort to ward off the chemicals that the organic produce of the local market offered. That is the reason he started producing crops using the natural fertilizers and ingredients. Once he started farming his own product, he noticed the popularity that it yielded in the Indian consumer market. An assortment of his organic product is available online and has obtained a large customer base in India and overseas.

Naturally Yours
The company developed into the big household name after it was established by Vinod Kumar and Priya Prakash. The company runs their business by their products through the e-commerce portals that help an interested party to purchase the merchandise quite easily. The company also provides processed food like oil, kheer, ghee, etc. alongside with other essential household items. This start-up is immensely popular for cutting out the middlemen and making the produce in a way that farmers directly sell to the consumers ensuring everyone enjoys the well-earned profits.

I Say Organic
The ideal platform that was set up to strengthen the voice of the farmers by Ashmeet Kapoor who after receiving a great education of entrepreneurship decided to bridge the gap between the consumers and the farmers. He crafted the most perfect channel possible by connecting all the dots. The company is known to have a vested interest in the cause of the farmers. He appreciates and supports the farmers of India to grow their agriculture business with the use of modern means. I Say Organic has partnered up with a lot more companies providing and selling to customers throughout the country.

Organic Life
Established by Mallesh Tigali, it is a highly popular name today, catering almost 1500 organic produce in over 100 different categories. The customers of the company can come across more or less any of the household items, here. Mallesh Tigali is the founder of two other companies Purna Organics Pvt. Ltd. and Farms 2 Fork Technologies. He also has a base of more than 10,000 consumers who have taken up organic terrace farming, themselves improving their own life perfectly.

Entrepreneur, Seema Dholi came up with the brilliant industrious idea to transport fruits and vegetables that were harvested organically, directly to the doorstep of the consumers. Her procurement of the food provisions is very distinctive. The company guarantees to endow their customers with everything fresh. It is designed so the customers can benefit his/her health by eating unprocessed harvests.

The brand also indulges in getting their hands on the freshest harvest every day. All the products of the company are provided directly from the farmers to the consumers, so the freshness of the product is fully preserved during the change of hands. There are no middlemen or any other channel involved. This is a great reason as to why both the consumers and the agricultural farmers benefit from the plan.

People, today, are becoming more health conscious. They are slowly getting illuminated about the major side effects of the synthetic fertilizers as well as the other chemical artifice that is used to nurture the crops today and are slowly leaning towards the organic food production. This mentality has seen a colossal rise in the organic business market and the above-mentioned companies are the most promising ones.

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