These 5 start-ups are spicing up the ayurveda industry

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Feb 20 2018 - 4 min read
These 5 start-ups are spicing up the ayurveda industry
With the ‘Make in India’ acclaiming a blockbuster performance, many start-ups have managed to cement their existence in the business world. Here are 5 start-ups which are all set to dominate the ayurveda industry.

Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge), together spelled Ayurveda is the way of classical life for Indians. Since the ancient times, Ayurveda has been in practice by both rich and poor in the subcontinent of Indian because of its useful nature. Today, that knowledge of the ancient medicine is used by the entire world to promote their wellness. It is a billion-dollar global industry employing and healing people everywhere. It is no surprise that many of the start-up companies today focus all their attention on the wellbeing of people through the use of Ayurveda.

From a business prospect Ayurveda generates about $20 billion in the global market and it is growing fast. At this rapid rate, it is expected to cross the $5 trillion mark globally by 2050. The total amount of revenue generated from the Indian Ayurveda mart size is about INR 50 billion. It is growing strong substantially by leaps and bounds at a rate of 10-15 percent. A similar growth rate is targeted and expected by the industry member for the next decade as well.

In India, big companies like Dabur (launched 1884), Himalaya (launched 1930), Amrutanjan (launched 1893), Baidyanath (launched 1917), and VICCO (launched 1952) have been ruling the roost since their inception. But, today new companies are emerging and making a great impact as well. Start-ups companies selling Ayurveda ranges over various aspects of it.

Here are a few Ayurvedic start-ups

It is a Gurugram-based Ayurvedic healthcare beverages start-up established by Shalabh Gupta. Numerous cola companies in the market provide people with beverages that are basically sugar saturated sizzling water mixed with color which are not so good for your health. KivaShots offers a tasty and healthy alternative that is embedded in the heart of ancient Ayurveda. The company operates about Rs 15,000-crore in Ayurveda beverages market, growing 25-30% a year. 

Organic Smokes by Mea ame
A company opened and operated by three brothers’ aims to become the biggest operators in the field of organic remedy for cigarette users. The brothers have used the product on themselves first and benefited greatly from it. It is basically a great mixture of basil, rose petals, green tea and a batch of other Ayurvedic products that are blended and rolled onto a piece of paper before smoking it. With a growth rate of 23% annually, the company is climbing the charts fast in becoming a favorite product of many.

The most famous of the new age start-ups of Ayurveda is Patanjali. So Vedic in its roots yet so modern in packaging that it is a favorite of people worldwide. So famous and known are the effects of the products of Patanjali that even the most noted newspapers of the world cannot stop singing praises of the Yogi, who is the proprietor. With the profits doubling and tripling every year, it is certainly one of the most successful start-ups.

It is the first Ayurvedic wellness company online. Formed after the dot.com bubble burst, this health and wellness company is today the first step for all medicines related to Ayurveda. Having been around for more than two decades, the company is a perfect example of merging the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda with modern expertise of the internet.

Kama Ayurveda
Starting as a desi Khadi brand, the start-up today has slowly progressed towards preparing and selling basic skincare products that have been made, packaged and designed by them. Basing all their products on the real treasures of India, the company has slowly but surely growing by leaps and bounds as well as winning praises from all over.

With Indian Ayurveda winning appreciation globally, more than a few companies are cropping up, to win a piece of the heaven for them. Ayurveda is a 100 percent safe remedy that has survived ages of oppression and has shown not even a little noticeable side effect. This has caught the fancy of many in the global arena who are more than happy to use the products of Ayurveda in a daily manner. Today, it has become a multi-billion-dollar industry on a global platform.

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