These 5 start-ups are adding zest to the wellness industry

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 26 2018 - 4 min read
These 5 start-ups are adding zest to the wellness industry
Indian wellness sector is all about new and innovative business ideas coming together. Here are 5 unique start-ups creating their mark in the wellness industry today.


The wellness industry of today is earning big moolah by offering the common man services on beauty, mind, fitness, body, tourism, nutrition, spas and alternative medicine. Wellness industry guarantees the well being, vitality, peace of mind along with a holistic approach to maintain your health.

Thus, it is a little or no surprise that the industry in between 2013-2015 had grown by 10.6%, marking a remarkable leap of $36 trillion in the global market. Till date, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down either. The current year is expected to mark a stealthy 18% growth in the revenue that is quite distinct from the previous year. Taking advantage of the booming rate in the industry, many start-ups have been incepted to cash in on the trend.

Here are a few start-ups that show great promise in the wellness sector:

Nadi X - Smart Yoga Pants
They are ordinary yoga pants with a twist. These pants not only help you perform your yoga with ease but also guide you in maintaining the yoga flow. The pants can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone. This helps them detect the pose practiser is in while they are in it. The A.I. pants then forward some gentle vibrations to inform the practiser how to perfect their pose. NadiX smart yoga pants connect you to your body as well as the area that deserves your attention more than those areas that you are providing it to.

Bowhead Health - Personalized Vitamins
They are the makers of in-home medical devices that are employed to monitor the health of the user and are tailored solutions to all your specific needs. The apparatus is very much capable of drawing small prick of blood or the samples of saliva. It then sends the relevant data to professionals of medicine who makes all the assessments as well as recommendations for improving your health. The data then gets fed-back to the device that creates an individual vitamin made to suit your purposes.

Mobot - Portable Stretching
The company has stepped way beyond the regular confines of the hydration industry providing water bottles to quench the thirst. It is entering the rapidly increasing market in its concurrent state as a fully functional water bottle that can also be used as a foam roller. A good stretch is a must to keep your muscles supple, sturdy, and fit. It is also a great way to prevent any type of muscle shortening or unusual tightening. Mobot allows you to do so as you please. It helps you keep hydrated and allows you to stretch, all on the go, without making you look bad while doing it.

Four Sigmatic - The Mushroom Movement
Mushroom is the unsung superfood of the era that provides you with great nutrients to keep you healthy and tastes good. Mushrooms are verified as the antiseptic that helps one quell inflammation, fight cancer, boost the power of memory, balance blood sugar level, and increase the concentration of all. It is also one of the few natural sources of vitamin D. The company creates a range of Mushroom beverages like coffee, elixir, and cocoa, all aimed to provide one with a healthier alternative to their pre-existing counterparts.

Habit - Personalized Nutrition
It makes use of your biometric data to propose a personalized dietary chart that works well for you. Not only does Habit tells you what to eat and what not to, but also formulates a meal plan for you based on your personal data and health goals. The service also includes a Health Coach to help you transition from fat to fit.

Wellness has become an unrealistic dream for many battling with their busy schedules daily to sustain themselves. It has made it hard for them to take care of themselves. With the help of the product of the above-mentioned start-ups, you can achieve your goal that was previously impossible.

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