These 10 healthcare apps are all set to create their presence

Prabhjot Kaur
Prabhjot Kaur Mar 16 2018 - 4 min read
These 10 healthcare apps are all set to create their presence
All thanks to the internet, today every business has an online presence. More so, innovative mobile applications have given the needed power to the consumer. Here are 10 healthcare apps aiding consumers everyday illness.

About 75% of individuals around the world own a Smartphone. About 89% of them spend most of their time on their mobiles surfing through apps. With an app for everything to care for, it is presumptuous to believe that the medical world would not be taking advantage of the current hike in the use of apps to perform every little thing.

Today, most of the entities under the healthcare industry can be at your doorstep with just a click of an app. This is the boon that the digital age offers to all with a mobile.

Effective Healthcare Apps That Would Make Your Life Easier:

For one with an expecting wife or a loved one in tow, it is a godsend. The app features by the week pregnancy trackers, belly selfie functions, and diet managers. The app incorporates the first-ever 3D fetus animation videos as well as a powerful location-based technology that interfaces with a navigation wheel. It also features personal photo albums, expert advice forums, and baby gear shopping.

Nearly 38% of the world’s population suffers from Diabetes and are always worrying if they would run out of test strips or glucose tabs. The app connects the users to app users who are near at hand. This way if you are out of supply you would be able to source a few of the needed supplies, be it the test strips or an insulin injection.

It is the go-to app for individuals suffering from obesity or other issues of fitness. For the addicts of video game, it is the best way to lose the unwanted weight. The app's users can employ the acumen of a video game to exercise. The app allows its users to log their workouts, it earns them valuable points and helps them progress on many levels.

Insight Optics
Only 50% of the total number of patients can prevent vision loss by getting their eyesight inspected upon by a specialist. Insight Optics offers the specialized eye care programme for a patient in need of making an appointment with an ophthalmologist. The telemedicine mobile app records and refers retinal exams for the registered users to the local specialists for a detailed review.

The app has two basic mobile applications, one for the patients and other for the providers. The app connects patients to the doctors on the Medici network for a fraction of a charge and time that a patient would spend going to the hospital. The app users can connect with the doctor and explain their illness and symptoms over a chat. They can also send pictures.

Digital Pharmacist
This is an app that easily allows a patient to communicate with the pharmacists about numerous medications, health care articles as well as make refills or process prescriptions through it.

It is the app to download if you wish to care for your mental health but at a very low cost. It gets you access to a therapist at home or even from a subway. It makes the users getting in touch with a therapist easily at convenience. The therapy is provided by real, licensed therapists as per the convenience of the user.

Doctor on Demand
It is the go-to app for patients who wish to be cared for by board-certified physicians, psychologist and lactation consultants for non-emergency medical issues like allergies, urinary tract infections, cold and flu symptoms, upper respiratory infections, back pain, sports injuries, heartburn, etc. The app allows a patient full access to doctors who would be happy to write you prescriptions.

It is a free medical app that supports pregnant women as well as new mothers. The users would enjoy free pregnancy-related health advice, timely reminders via free SMS services.

It gets a patient in touch with board-certified doctors and surgeon that includes specialist help from a neurologist as well as a radiologist within 24 hours of the set appointment. It is a great app that offers the users as an alternative to seek second opinions.

At this day and age, the medical industry is becoming more and more expensive for the common man to bear the cost. The above mentioned medical apps are more than likely to win the favor of the common man who is in need of a financial respite.

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