There is a lot of miscommunication in the industry which misguides the people- Munmun Ganeriwal

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Feb 28 2018 - 4 min read
There is a lot of miscommunication in the industry which misguides the people- Munmun Ganeriwal
A brand is not created overnight and it takes your best to establish something that is unique.

Nutrition industry requires your effort and time in order to be successful, which is why nutrition sector is offering opportunities that are big and bright for those who can endure those qualities.

In conversation with Munmun Ganeriwal, Nutritionist, Fitness Consultant and Founder of Yuktahaar, explains her successful journey in the nutrition biz.

All about the brand, Yuktahaar

Ganeriwal says, “Yuktahaar is a lifestyle transformation company which revolves around diet and exercise consultation since 2016. Apart from the consultation, we also organize seminars, workshops, wellness holiday retreats to cater to the audience to encourage people in achieving fitness goals.”

Making it Big Step-by-Step

She takes us on her entrepreneurial journey, where she started as a part-time fitness trainer at the age of 19 and landed herself a job as a fitness trainer while she was in college and discovered her strong interests in exercise, fitness, food, nutrition, and everything that revolved around it.

Ganeriwal says, “I switched from Engineering to Nutrition and fitness as soon as I realized my calling. I then went ahead to do my Masters in it, and also did international certifications as a personal trainer in fitness and exercise.”

Hence her professional journey started at the young age of 19 and since then she has been working with state of the art fitness clubs like Gold’ s gym.

She has also worked with hospitals like Institute of Human Reproduction and had had a stint with a celebrity nutritionist. Post which she felt that it was a natural progression to have her own enterprise and came up with “Yuktahaar”.

The Philosophy behind the Yuktahaar

Ganeriwal explains the philosophy as, “The Gita mentions Yuktahaar where Krishna tells Arjun that for a meaningful yoga practice and also to mitigate all the sufferings and pain in the life, the balance between sleep and food is crucial. So, Yuktahaar basically sums up my philosophy that wellness, fitness, health and everything is very holistic.”

She further adds, “Yuktahaar talks about the holistic way of bringing wellness to life and also talks about the age-old wisdom of eating right and balanced. It reveals how the cutting edge technology and groundbreaking research of the west are catching up with our timeless system.”

Indian Fitness Industry

She says, “Back in 2002 when I started my career, nutrition or fitness was not popular as a mainstream course or industry. Today, the global wellness or fitness industry is a whopping USD $3 trillion market with nutrition, fitness and weight loss as the key sectors. The opportunity is endless and it can only be reached with passion, endurance, and sustainability.”

 Trending in the Nutrition Sector

The Nutritionist says, “Fitness as trend is affecting both positively and negatively. Positively, fitness has become a huge part of the wellness industry and trends, we have people who are aware and who want to make nutrition, fitness or health a part of their lives or their lifestyle”

“The downside is that because there is so much noise and misinformation around it, which somehow, sometimes make consumers not follow the correct way of approaching fitness so that it becomes sensible and sustainable for them,” says Ganeriwal.

Find your True Calling

When asked about what advice would she give to the budding entrepreneurs, she says, “the only advice I would like to give is to spend time figuring out their true calling. If you have discovered that it is made for you, then there is no looking back because once you do what you love and love what you do, things happen on its own as if they are programmed to be so.”

Expanding for the Better

Ganeriwal concludes by elaborating her future plans, she says, “I am also planning to pen down a book on nutrition and fitness which is still in the initial stages.”

She explains the expansion plans for Yuktahaar as “It’s in the initial stages right now and I don’t think I’ll be able to point it out very categorically at this moment. We are trying to do a lot on the technical front by taking it on a more digitalized platform so that we can reach out to the masses.”

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