The Indian markets are having one of the world’s highest rates of transition and consumer base- Dheeraj Mudgil

Tanvi Jetly
Tanvi Jetly Oct 03 2017 - 5 min read
The Indian markets are having one of the world’s highest rates of transition and consumer base- Dheeraj Mudgil
Developing new technologies and bringing them in the Indian market has led to consumers finding various ways of bringing betterment in their lives.

The way we see the world is how we take it. Many brands claim of coming out with something different or innovative but their vision gets lost somewhere along the way. The Indian market definitely requires something fresh to come in as the trends and products that have become obvious and repetitive are taking away the excitement from it. In a conversation with Dheeraj Mudgil, Senior Manager (Sales), BenQ Materials Corporation, Taiwan, he opens up about launching Miacare in the Indian market, the motive behind coming out with something different and the future plans he looks forward to.

Let us know about your brand, Miacare.
Miacare is a brand which is backed by the resources and know-how of Benq Materials, which is a leading optical material manufacturer in Taiwan. We are material science company and are also world’s fourth biggest manufacturer of optical films. We are bringing down the Miacare brand in India. The contact lenses under our brand have the world’s highest DKT of 187.5. The lenses also have the highest water content and lowest modulus. Modulus refers to the softness of a contact lens. If we talk about Silicon Hydrogel contact lenses when we add silicon with hydrogel, the modulus increases. This means that the mechanical property of the contact lens leads it to become a hard object in your eye. So, the softness of a contact lens is very important. The three things- DKT, water content and modulus, have been a kind of trade-off in this industry and with our contact lenses, we have broken that trade-off.  We are providing people with higher oxygen transferability, water content and lowest modulus through our lenses which will eventually lead to a healthy cornea, lens and vision.

What are some of the special points associated with Miacare lenses?
As I have mentioned Miacare lenses have the world’s largest DKT and water content and lowest modulus and this what we provide to the contact lens wearers. Providing oxygen transferability is important as our cornea is the only body part which works without blood circulation and requires only oxygen to work. By wearing contact lenses, we block that supply of oxygen to the cornea which leads to Neovascularisation and it leads to further problems in the eye. So, keeping these points in this view, our RND worked on all the challenges what this industry was facing and broke the trade-offs. Now, we are providing the markets with the world’s highest oxygen permissible, water content and lowest modulus lens.

Kindly let us know more about the other products by Miacare.

There is a huge gap between the comfort that consumers deserve and what is being delivered to them. So, we see a huge potential in the Indian market on that front. We have launched our silicon hydrogel delight contact lens with a modality of daily and monthly. The daily delight will deliver a DKT of 150, water content of 47% with a modulus of 0.6 mpa while the monthly delight will be delivering 187.5 DKT, 47% water content and 0.6 mpa modulus. We have also launched Soho to meet the demands of customers who are still using hydrogel contact lenses. Though, the Indian market is one of the markets which are changing from hydrogels to silicone hydrogels. The Indian markets are having one of the world’s highest rates of transition which is why it is being looked up at as the future market for silicone hydrogel contact lens with a huge consumer base.

What are your brand’s future plans?
We are bringing in our Soho contact lenses in Q4 of 2017. Blue cut contact lenses are the world’s only contact lenses with blue cut technology. Most of the branded contact lenses at present come with UV cut that means they protect the cornea from UV rays. There is no such contact lens that protects the cornea from blue rays and as our exposure to 3C products is increasing, the damage to cornea through those blue rays is also increasing. So, we are bringing world’s first contact lenses with blue cut technology which will block the harmful blue rays. The lenses will allow the useful blue rays, which are required by humans for maintaining their sleep cycle, to go through. So, in Q4 of 2017, we are bringing in the blue cut in the Indian market and by Q3-Q4 of 2018, we are also bringing colour contact lenses with dot-matrix printing technology and the same levels of oxygen transferability, water content and modulus for the Indian consumers.

How has the brand set the pricing of its products keeping in view the Indian consumer market?
On the pricing front, we know the Indian market is price sensitive and with huge potential. So, we have decided on the prices keeping in view the Indian market. Our delight contact lenses in the daily modality will be priced at Rs.2495 and the monthly modality will be launched at Rs.2195. The Soho lenses will be launched at a price of Rs.1850. 

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